2009 Up And Running

After a bit of a delay, looks like everything is up and running with 2009 stats (all of one game). UZR is the only thing not yet updated and I’m hoping to start updating that either later this week, or during the weekend.

We had issues with live data last night, but we believe them to be resolved and plan to start having all the live games starting today. There might be a few issues to work through in the first week, but hopefully everything will 100% working by week 2 at the very latest. Thanks for your patience.

Oh, and as a peace offering we’ve snuck in 2002-2004 pitch type & velocity data.

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  1. Hero 3 says:

    I love the new pitch type stats! Surprised Randy Johnson only averaged 94.5 mph on fastballs in 2002. And Pedro at 90 mph? A testament to the greatness of his changeup, I suppose.

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  2. Samg says:

    Any chance for you to add the Win Prob stuff to the career leaderboard and update the homepage with this years stats?

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  3. The homepage will be update with this years stats tomorrow. There just weren’t enough pitchers to really do it last night.

    Win probability will be added to the career leaderboards once I’m sure all the live stuff is running ok and I have a free moment.

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  4. bballfan09 says:

    And what happened to showing the last play while watching a game and you said you were going to add commenting, Batting order is missing, as are all non-raw stats other than WPA.

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  5. bballfan09 says:

    And any hope for a live game score?

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    • The last plays will return either today or tomorrow. The batting order I can put in there again too.

      The non-raw stats I think are the same as they’ve always been on the graph page.

      Comment just hasn’t happened yet. I’d like to get it in there this season, but that’s not happening tomorrow.

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    • Oh, and what do you mean live game score? If you look at the graph the score is in parenthesis next to the team names, or in the sidebar in parenthesis next to the team names.

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  6. bballfan09 says:

    the bill james stat.

    join my yahoo fantasy league, SabermetricStats
    password: tomtango
    points league using tango’s lw’s

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  7. bballfan09 says:

    All of the live game stuff is missing B/O, etc

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    • Like I said, there might be a few issues in the first week with our new live data provider. We’re working on it, but things seem to be running mostly ok right now, with the few things you mentioned are missing, and that weird game error in the Mets game which is being investigated.

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  8. Scappy says:

    It would be interesting to add a comments section to the game graphs. Then I would have some where to say “holy crap. 6 line drive hits in the span of 5 innings is not a good way to start the season.”

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  9. Samg says:

    What about standings?

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  10. Boozer says:

    This might be a dumb question.

    In last nights Cub game in the 9th inning, Geoff Blum hit a fliner that bounced of Milton Bradley’s glove and was somehow ruled a hit.
    Blum’s “hit” raised the WPA from 9.2% to 21.2%.

    What would be the accurate conclusion for what Milton Bradley’s poor defense cost the Cubs on that one particular play?

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    • I didn’t see the play, but you could just split it 50/50 between the pitcher/fielder and say that it cost his team 5.5% WPA.

      There are definitely more complicated ways of doing this, but just a simple split, or what you think should be the split between pitcher/fielder will get you pretty close.

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  11. Ryan says:

    Once things get rolling, what time do you expect the stats to be updated each morning?

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    • Typically between 4am – 6am is when the stats should be updated. Our stats just arrived 30 minutes ago and they’re updating as I type this. Should be completed in maybe 5 minutes.

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