2011 Draft Live Blog

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  1. Joseph says:

    Are there any players in this years draft that look like they will be in the majors before the season is over, a Mike Leake-type jump?

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  2. oscar says:

    cole and bauer, but pittsburgh is done for 2011.

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    • theeiffeltower says:

      Isn’t Cole a Boras client? He won’t even sign till mid-August. And I don’t think Leake reached the majors the year he was drafted.

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  3. oscar says:

    simple, you move zimmerman to 1st base. zimmerman will be a poor mans helton twilighting just like helton.

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  4. Los says:

    Zimmerman is one of the best defenders @ 3B in the league. Please do not move him to 1st.

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    • My echo and bunnymen says:

      Until he shows decline (possibly IF) I agree with the above. Zimmerman shouldn’t move 127.28 feet across the diamond.

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