2014 Free Agent Leaderboards

Thanks to the initial hard work from Steve Adams at MLB Trade Rumors, we were able to provide some custom leaderboards for free agents back in August. Well, with the postseason officially over and the hot stove season kicking off, we’re rolling out updated versions of these leaderboards, which also account for some of the transactions we’ve seen over the last few months; say goodbye to Hunter Pence and Tim Lincecum, for instance.

These lists are still a bit fluid, as there are option decisions that still have to be made, so I’ve made some assumptions about which options are going to get picked up versus getting declined. Over the next few days, as players officially can put on or taken off the market, I’ll update these lists to reflect that information. Since these are manually created, there are almost certainly going to be some mistakes, so feel free and point out which players are on the list and shouldn’t be or which players are missing from the leaderboards.

Also, I’ve set the default viewing timeline as 2011 to 2013, as making a decision based on a player’s longer track record is better than simply targeting players who performed well in 2013. This also serves to list players who missed the entire 2013 season, and wouldn’t otherwise appear if the data only displayed most recent year. The great thing about the custom leaderboards, though, is that you can change all of this, and tweak it to display what you want to see.

Without further ado, the 2014 free agent custom leaderboards.

Position Players

Starting Pitchers

RHP Relievers

LHP Relievers

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