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  1. I don’t have a subscription so I couldn’t read how Anderson came to these numbers and such… and you said he was the first as far as you can tell, so could you point me in the direction of some others so that I can see the details? Or perhaps something from his new pitching coach?

    Because it certainly could be causation as you say, but small sample size aside, when I read language like strikeouts “shooting” and walks “slashing” and “stark differences” as the description of the difference between a month with three 3-0 counts versus the other months averaging four, it makes me worry if someone is too eager to make a full narrative that we can’t so easily be sure is there.

    Again, you could be on to something, I’d just like some more analysis and research and details about his new pitch before I can see it really be the reason for a small sample change. Like, here’s 2012 k/9 by month: 8.22, 3.75, 9.60, 3.60, 6.00, 9.45. It seems tough to accept random fluctuation for most of it and then be sure of a reason for the end bit. And yes, the impressiveness of a 14 k/bb month with only a 1.35 ERA does stand out, but so too does his May 2010’s 21/2 k/bb with a 1.84 ERA, and there have been others. You know what I mean?

    Oh, and just to clarify, how did you get other than 44 cutters thrown? I see that it’s about 12% of pitches thrown since the trade (375 total) so I don’t get 82 as the number. And when you mention his “acute post-cutter rise” in whiff rate, where do you get 6.4 to 11.6%? Do you mean the swinging strike rate, which does start with 6.4 but goes to 9.9, not 11.6? Or does that latter number come from somewhere else?

    Thanks for clarifying…

    Comment by Will H. — November 29, 2012 @ 1:32 pm

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