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  1. This used to happen to me all the time on MLB The Show. I would get so pissed

    Comment by SirCub — January 8, 2013 @ 3:24 pm

  2. I love the anecdote which leads off this article.

    Good stuff.

    Comment by The Theory — January 8, 2013 @ 4:14 pm

  3. Tuesday, July 2, 1963. Giants vrs Milwaukee
    Juan Marichal vrs Warren Spahn
    The game goes into the 16th inning, 0-0 the score
    Both starters still in the game
    With one out in the bottom of the 16th, Willie Mays hits a game
    winning HR.
    Juan Marichal wins a 16 inning shutout.
    Warren Spahn loses 1-0 after pitching 15 1/3 inings.

    Comment by Hurtlockertwo — January 9, 2013 @ 11:03 am

  4. Because you need to know, Paciorek was 0-5 in his career vs. Juan Marichal.

    Comment by Michael Barr — January 9, 2013 @ 11:06 am

  5. I’m confused. Nick Blackburn never played for the Mariners?

    Comment by TFINY — January 9, 2013 @ 12:23 pm

  6. Oh, never mind. I read that as which team pulled their starters the most, not which team caused them to be pulled.

    Comment by TFINY — January 9, 2013 @ 12:24 pm

  7. Almost as excruciating as Harvey Haddix’s 13th inning loss after pitching a perfect game for 12+ innings. That game had other fun wierdness. Look it up for your own enjoyment.

    Comment by Baltar — January 10, 2013 @ 2:46 pm

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