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  1. The bit about Buster Posey looks like something didn’t get pasted correctly. He’s a pretty good prospect, but I still think he needs a little more introduction than that.

    Comment by dustin — May 19, 2010 @ 7:39 pm

  2. First, Jackson Williams was not a budgetary selection. For that to be true, his bonus would have to be substantially lower than the picks around him. He received exactly what he was slotted for.

    Second, can you guarantee that Posey would have hit over .700 OPS for most of the season? The Giants are playing for the playoffs this season and an underperforming offensive producer at C would have hurt their chances. Would you fans and pundits been willing to contribute enough money for the Giants to buy an adequate catcher from another team should you all been wrong and Posey not hit over .700 OPS say by the end of May?

    Before you answer this, consider that Matt Weiters was considered a superior hitting prospect than Posey, outhit Posey in their first full year as a pro, but when he was brought to the majors in late May, struggled for nearly 4 months to keep his OPS over .700. As of September 14, he was hitting .265/.318/.366/.683. And he’s considered a better hitter!

    And his OPS was in the 600’s for 19 of the 26 games he played in August, so it wasn’t like he got hot then cold, he was mostly cold. After one month in the majors, his low point was roughly .675 OPS, which he hit a number of times, last hitting it on September 4th. His high point was .770, which he hit on July 5th and quickly fell from. He did reach .768 during his hot stretch in the last two weeks of the season. Prior to the hot streak, from May 31 to September 15, that 3 hit game that got him to .768 kept his OPS in the 30’s and 40’s before falling back to the 700 OPS range again. And he’s considered better than Posey. I would also add that his OPS is again in the 700 OPS range this season, so it is not like his hot streak from last season continued into this season.

    Add to that, the pitching rotation of the Giants is the jewel that allows them to compete, and Tim Lincecum has openly supported Bengie Molina, crediting him for some of his success. The other starters support Molina too, Zito has said that he liked having him as his catcher.

    The Giants this year has been built based on risk mitigation, trying to ensure enough talent at each position so that if one should fail to contribute, whether due to injury or lack of performance, there was another player who could conceivably step in and provide similar production.

    In addition, the plan is for Posey to come up mid-season for Molina to mentor him and better ensure that the transition from Molina to Posey as starting catcher will go as smoothly as possible. Being a major leaguer is tough enough, but to have to produce offensively as well as defensively, then also have to handle the pitching staff as well, as a catcher, is a lot to do. This helps transition him better, giving him time to learn under Molina this season before having to handle the reins next season. This gives him more preparation and less of a stressful situation in which to learn things before taking over. In business, when there is a mentor to help smooth the transition, it greatly helps the process.

    So yeah, maybe he might have been ready and the Giants could have saved some money, but if he failed then the Giants would have been screwed or stuck with another catcher alternative like Yorvit Torrealba, a lifetime OPS around 700 (which includes a large stretch of time in Colorado boosting his stats).

    Instead, we have a starting catcher who keeps our starting rotation consistent with last season, one that has offensive talents that tires out by late season but hopefully will be given enough rest with Posey coming up around mid-season, and if he should fail, then we still have Posey.

    Meanwhile, Posey works on the defensive deficiencies that he still has but would have had to learn at the MLB level to correct (read Baseball America’s description for him, they point that out) and in the middle of a pennant race, get further experience with the bat (Ron Shandler’s research shows that the odds favor a successful promotion if the prospect had a full year in AAA), come up and be mentored by Molina, plus in the playoffs we would have Molina in the lineup plus perhaps Posey or at least Posey would be a potent bat off the bench. He would also be our DH should they make the World Series.

    Comment by obsessivegiantscompulsive — May 19, 2010 @ 8:29 pm

  3. This is a missive that is worthy of your username, and I don’t have a lot to say about Posey. Agree to disagree, ultimately.

    But as far as Jackson Williams goes, he was selected because he was a lock to sign for slot. He was an overdraft by every definition, and leave it to me to guess it might be because the team was spending more money on the draft than they ever had before.

    Comment by Bryan Smith — May 20, 2010 @ 12:09 am

  4. Arencibia had offseason surgery to deal with kidney problems. I’d give him two seasons before writing him off.

    Comment by brent in Korea — May 20, 2010 @ 3:02 am

  5. Arencibia has never shown much plate discipline since the moment he was drafted. Yes, he’s got big power, but that won’t make him much more than a backup catcher if he’s getting eaten alive by major league off-speed stuff.

    Comment by Aaron/YYZ — May 20, 2010 @ 10:52 am

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