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  1. Why would Wright void his opt-out clause?

    If I’m the Mets, unless I get blown away with an offer now (or midseason), I bet on Wright rebounding and having a big 2012, and then I exercise the option next fall. At that point, I should have a better idea of how close to legitimately contending my team is, and I can either shop Wright around or try to extend him.

    Comment by theperfectgame — November 7, 2011 @ 11:18 am

  2. I think a team would be better off getting Chase Headley and his career 800+ OPS away from Petco from SD

    Wont cost nearly as much as Wright as far as money, talent, or defensive issues

    Comment by mister_rob — November 7, 2011 @ 11:24 am

  3. A’s will get him and flip him in July, ala Holliday.

    Comment by Joe — November 7, 2011 @ 11:37 am

  4. I don’t think there is any validity to thewreport. Joel Sherman has been reporting stories using only unnamed sources (i.e.. making things up), since Omar was fired and he lost all of his leaks.

    Comment by tkirks21 — November 7, 2011 @ 12:02 pm

  5. This. The risk is moderate but the reward is very high. Wright’s value is pretty low right now. It could get lower if he has another rocky season, but between the fences moving in and the fact that the Mets are basically selling one year of his service for $15 million whether they trade him this year or next, it seems like there’s a lot more value to gain than lose by letting him test Citi’s new dimesions first. Going after a moderate upside play like Charlie Blackmon really doesn’t make any sense. They could almost certainly still get a return like that if they waited a year, and the amount they’d lose at the gate by parting ways with both Wright and Reyes would wipe away a substantial amount of the $15 million savings. The best argument for dealing him now is that they might get an extra year of development time on any prospects they acquire, but that means they’d need to be offered a legit star-ceiling prospect who is a year or two away–not a polished, moderate upside role player. That type of return will still be there a year from now unless Wright completely collapses, and in a year it will be clearer what type of role player might best fit a 2013 or 2014 team that plans to contend.

    Comment by MH — November 7, 2011 @ 12:03 pm

  6. Come on now. Wright is a ‘moderate’ upgrade over Callaspo? Is this the same Callaspo who put up about 4 WAR in his entire career, coming into 2011, despite being just about the same age as Wright? The same Callaspo who put up a .086 ISO in his ‘breakout’ 2011 season? Aside from his 2011 WAR, I see nothing to suggest he can be in the same vicinity as Wright – and I still can’t figure out where the 3.6 WAR came from, as his only skill seems to be a decent walk rate.

    Comment by vivalajeter — November 7, 2011 @ 12:34 pm

  7. The Red Sox came to my mind immediately: they have the money and a nice wall for Wright to bounce walls off of. If they don’t resign Big Papi, Youk could slide to DH (he can’t stay healthy at 3rd anyway and 1st is blocked) and Wright could slot in at 3rd. I don’t know if they have the talent to compete with what other people could offer, though…

    Comment by Brandon T — November 7, 2011 @ 12:34 pm

  8. the speculation over the wright trade is stupid. at least this article acknowledges the no trade clause. But what makes you think that wright, who has repeatedly stated that he loves new york and wants to be a lifer met would agree to accept that option on a new team? what does wright get? the same salary in a new town. And once again, without the ability to trade both years, wright is worth faaaar more to them on the roster then off it.

    Comment by jesse — November 7, 2011 @ 12:57 pm

  9. I find it highly plausible that DiPoto would make that deal provided they were low A prospects considering the Angels have no real need for Bourjos with Trout waiting and Wright is an upgrade over Callaspo at 3b.

    Of course, I would not be shocked to see the Angels keep Bourjos and just dump Hunter or Abreu preseason.

    Comment by Colin — November 7, 2011 @ 1:06 pm

  10. I agree. Maybe if the second year becomes guaranteed, or even an immediate extension, but even with their problems, as of now Wright for 2 years, 31 million is worth more than 1 year, 15 million. Too much upside if he does rebound (unless a team wants to do something stupid, you always have to factor that possibility in).

    Comment by TK — November 7, 2011 @ 1:09 pm

  11. Meaning they’ll give up a much better player for him now than any of the ones they’ll get back when they flip him?

    Comment by J.Ro — November 7, 2011 @ 7:21 pm

  12. I certainly hope and think you are right about Jerry laughing at the Mets. I also have a feeling, he won’t go after a big free agent. Bourjos, Trout, Trumbo, Walden would not be dealt by me. Perhaps not Kendrick. Talk about all the others. It’s going to be a very, very interesting and hopefully not frustrating winter for Angel fans.

    Comment by Barbara Schriebman — November 8, 2011 @ 8:27 am

  13. I think the Marlins might be a surprising contender. They need to fill that slot desperately, and with the potential of a solid package for the mets with Matt Dominguez along with Chris Volstad? Mets need outfield and pitching. I think this could be good for everyone involved. Now if the Marlins can just pull up the cash, I think we might be surprised at the possibility of Wright as a Fish.

    Comment by Jenny — November 8, 2011 @ 5:44 pm

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