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  1. Since when does FanGraphs copy Baseball Tonight?

    Comment by Nick — August 26, 2009 @ 11:59 pm

  2. I remember McGwire doing this continually and being amazed. In 2001, he actually had more HR than all other hits combined. His 29 HR and only 4 doubles that year was pretty Eddie-Robinson-esque.

    Comment by Kincaid — August 27, 2009 @ 12:12 am

  3. Bonds and Mac juiced. Kind of obvious. The way I see it, if all you do is hit home runs, you can’t hit situational singles and you strike out, you suck. That’s how Pena and Ryan Howard are sometimes. Home run or a strikeout.

    Comment by Fossick — August 27, 2009 @ 12:43 am

  4. pena hit a game winning single the other day

    Comment by Matthew — August 27, 2009 @ 1:29 am

  5. The sad thing is all pena has to do to get singles is bunt a pitch down third with that excessive shift, automatic hit.

    Comment by joe — August 27, 2009 @ 1:54 am

  6. And yet players that bring on those shifts rarely do this.

    Comment by Jon — August 27, 2009 @ 3:04 am

  7. Edmonds. At Fenway. 2004 WS. Worked like a charm. Only thing that did that year…

    Comment by GZ — August 27, 2009 @ 8:42 am

  8. Cust has done it a couple of times this season

    Comment by Dan — August 27, 2009 @ 10:03 am

  9. Bonds was hardly a TTO hitter, while McGwire and Pena were/are.

    As for Cust, the guy is not only smart to exploit the shift, he is actually a pretty decent bunter.

    Comment by Alireza — August 27, 2009 @ 1:13 pm

  10. Since the Baseball Tonight guys started following Fangraphs.
    (And sending in helpful reader tips).

    Comment by joser — August 27, 2009 @ 1:44 pm

  11. Pena has done it this year… 2 or 3 of his singles are from bunts

    Comment by Jsess — August 27, 2009 @ 2:41 pm

  12. Seriously. Who would want a home run when you can get a single?

    Comment by Jon — August 27, 2009 @ 2:46 pm

  13. He’s also got a shot at more RBI than hits, which McGwire did a few times (I know Buhner either did it or was close also – anyone else who’s been relatively recent?).

    Comment by Jon — August 27, 2009 @ 2:51 pm

  14. the amazing thing is that, except for 2001, McGwire actually posted decent batting averages.

    Comment by JI — August 27, 2009 @ 3:08 pm

  15. Pena also leads the league in walks, jabroni.

    But yeah, why get Pena’s power threat and good OBP when I can watch Juan Pierre leg a single out? THAT’S Championship ball.

    Comment by Joe R — August 27, 2009 @ 3:51 pm

  16. Ortiz tried it last night…finally

    Comment by Tim — August 27, 2009 @ 5:00 pm

  17. Good article… and exactly, JI. McGwire’s swing was so short and powerful for a period of time. Out of the roiders who hit tons of bombs, I wish he had finished on top. Because he was a far better homerun hitter than Bonds. A homerun every 10.6 at-bats, while Bonds second best homerun total was 49.

    McGwire hit 49 as a rookie when he was a pitcher in college.

    Ryan Howard had 146 RBI while only getting 153 hits last season. In 2007, he had 142 hits and 136 RBI. So yeah, that dude will eventually pull off that feat.

    Comment by Kyle — August 27, 2009 @ 5:02 pm

  18. Buhner came close in 1995 (123 hits and 121 RBI), but his future teammate, Paul Sorrento, actually did it that year (76 hits and 79 RBI). Giambi had 113 of each in 2006 if you want to include as many RBI as hits. McGwire did a few times as you say, but other than that, you have to go back to 1955 to find someone else who did it in at least 200 PAs (Eddie Robinson again).

    Comment by Kincaid — August 27, 2009 @ 11:50 pm

  19. Well, his season is now over(broke two fingers) and he ended up having two more singles than homeruns.

    Comment by Andrew. — September 7, 2009 @ 9:01 pm

  20. I confirmed these numbers in the Lahman Baseball Database. I also found a few others that had less ABs and completed the feat.

    1959 Neil Chrisley, 106 ABs, 6 HRs, 5 1Bs
    1996 J.R. Phillips, 104 ABs, 7 HRs, 5 1Bs
    2002 Bobby Estalella, 112 ABs, 8 HRs, 7 1Bs
    2005 Frank Thomas, 105 ABs, 12 HRs, 8 1Bs

    Comment by Andrew — September 9, 2009 @ 3:27 pm

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