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  1. Power hitters like Mike Olt need regular playing time in order to keep their mechanics straight. I guess that’s true for any type of hitter but even more so for those players who can hit the ball over the fence. In order for Mike to play all of the time, though, Ron Washington would have to do something that he’s never been inclined to do previously–namely make a bold move that involves trading or benching one of his favorites and allowing a young player enough extended playing time to develop FULLY. Case in point is Mitch Moreland. Ron won’t start him against left handed pitchers–even though he’s hit home runs against some tough port-siders this season (his game winning 7th inning homerun against the Royals Jose Mijares comes to mind–and then he hit another one a few starts later against another lefty). What I’m saying is, MOST left handed hitters have trouble hitting left handed pitchers. The question a coach has to ask is, does his player give the team enough in other areas from game to game in the way of power and defense and overall batting average to justify having him in the lineup on a regular basis.If RW really doesn’t think Moreland is an everyday player they should have kept Chris Davis–and then traded Mitch earlier this year for a good starting pitcher which they sorely need. I have similar thoughts about Nelson Cruz. His aggregate production is pretty good–just north of 80 RBI, but he tends to get his RBI’s in bunches–14 of them in just 2 games this season, for instance and 19 in just 3. Washington will say that he keeps Cruz in the lineup because he can carry the Rangers for a week at a time. But while that’s true, Nelson also disappears in clutch situations for WEEKS at a time, and to me he’s talented enough innately to do much more. But all of a sudden Cruz is no longer that young. And I’d say many of the same things about Ian Kinsler–who gets picked off more than anyone in baseball and makes more careless errors than any second baseman in the league. But it doesn’t seem to matter because Ron Washington is in love with him. Consequently Jurickson Profar– (who’s more talented than Ian) will continue to sit on the bench. And that’s fine if you think he isn’t ready. But if that’s the case just keep him at Round Rock so he can continue to improve by getting consistent reps.

    Only Sayin’

    Santa Monica

    Comment by sportsbaron1 — September 20, 2012 @ 2:29 pm

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