ALDS Coverage: TBS, C.B., and the Boston Offense Fail in Game One

One thing to look forward to in this series: the game where Jeff Mathis and Jason Varitek both catch for their respective teams. Buck Martinez is acting as analyst for TBS. He used to do a little catching (and managing) himself which makes this an absolute treat. If you’ve ever experienced Kevin Kennedy talking about Joe Mauer or Varitek or … Gregg Zaun, you know what’s coming, otherwise prepare for a barrage of tales on how amazing Mathis handles a staff or the number of little things he could learn from someone like Varitek. It’s going to be delightful my friends.

And not to turn this into a post dedicated to bashing TBS, but time to get this out of the way.

In the third inning they committed a pair of errors:

1) Jacoby Ellsbury took a swing and knocked the ball back to pitcher John Lackey who tossed to first and ended the top-half of the inning, or so it appeared. Seconds later the game would go on commercial break then promptly return to inform everyone that catcher Jeff Mathis had committed interference.

2) After Dustin Pedroia lined out, TBS re-went to commercial break and following a pattern of black and white blank screens finally began playing actual advertisements. This was preferable to the flickering screen and apparently so much so that TBS allowed the commercial to last through the first batter of the bottom half of the inning. This would not be the first time such an incident occurred.

Those are less egregious than some of their analyst gaffes, but really, is it too much to ask for a clean broadcast? Yes, evidently it is.

Moving on.

Did anyone else find the Angels method of scoring amusing? Erick Aybar doubled, Chone Figgins bunted – and nearly beat it out –, Bobby Abreu walked (so typical), and then Torii Hunter launched a three-run homer. That goes against the seemingly ideal Angels scoring scenario: infield single, stolen base, bunt, and a sac fly.

C.B. Bucknor with a solid effort. Certainly showed why he qualified for the post-season. Pray for this man’s well-being upon entering the state of Massachusetts if this game is any indication.

The Red Sox’s offense can be summed up by this:

That is all.

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25 Responses to “ALDS Coverage: TBS, C.B., and the Boston Offense Fail in Game One”

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  1. paul says:

    Nevermind the little trivia tidbit they goofed on when Abreu came to the plate and they stated that hhe and Pujols are the only two players with at least 100 RBI in 7 straight seasons. Someone forgot that Alex Rodriguez has done it 10+ years. TBS has fallen down this year.

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  2. Logan says:

    I also like how they seem to think that the “life” and “energy” Nick Swisher infused into the Yankees clubhouse is more valuable than his .870 OPS.

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  3. Steve C says:

    TBS had horrible broadcasts last year as well. By the end everyone was glad to have Fox doing the games which is kind of scary.

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  4. shep says:

    Don’t they get points for NOT having Morgan or McCarver?

    Bucknor with a “solid effort”??? Two blown calls at 1b in a playoff game is not solid.

    I’m a Sox fan. Yeah, I’m bitter.

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  5. Rob in CT says:

    At least the Sox get Orsillo calling their games. He’s not great, but he beats the snot out of the jokers calling the Yankees games. I want me some Al Leiter. Or Kenny Singleton. Or David Cone, ffs. I feel slightly sick saying this, but I’d rather listen to Michael Kay than Chip Caray & Co. Yikes.

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  6. Jason B says:

    You mean, Chip “LINE DRIVE! BASE HIT!!!” Caray?

    Ron Darling sounds like James “OOH! Piece of candy” Woods, and it’s disconcerting for some reason.

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  7. Judy says:

    Caray is truly awful, with the added bonus that he screams at you whenever even the littlest thing happens. He’s almost as bad at his job as CB Bucknor is at his. And I really can’t wait for Greg Gibson to make his presense felt.

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  8. Nick F says:

    TBS’ production is appalling, maybe the worst I’ve ever seen. The more egregious stuff has been mentioned, but it really pisses me off that they only use average. Fucking ESPN is on the OPS bandwagon now!

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  9. big baby says:

    TBS has cut back to the game after missing a pitch a ton of times. It’s annoying. They missed an out yesterday. Do your god damn jobs, amateurs.

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  10. SMS_Mike says:

    Isn’t TBS the same network that aired 25 minutes of the Steve Harvey Project instead of the first inning of a Rays/Red Sox game last playoffs? Couldn’t even give us the ‘MLB logo’ on the TV screen with the radio feed as audio. They set the bar so low last year nothing they do now surprises me.

    Oh, and Don Denkinger says Kendrick was safe.

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    • Joe R says:

      Is it bad that I lack sympathy for St. Louis there?

      I mean, it’s like Denkinger was told the next quarter century would yield the Cards a 70 HR hitter, the best player of his generation, and numerous playoff wins, including a WS, while the Royals would become a laughing stock, and ump’d accordingly.

      BTW, TBS is insufferable. Orsillo’s the only person that is qualified for his job. That’s a lie, Stockton’s ok, too. But how is it that none of the three major MLB networks can get a competant lead MLB broadcast team? MLB (and the NFL for that matter) should consult with the NBA on how to build a booth (exception Reggie Miller).

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      • SMS_Mike says:

        I was comparing one egregiously bad call at first base with a more famous egregiously bad call at first base, as an attempt at some humor.

        If you somehow interpreted that to mean I’m one of those losers who can’t get past a blown call from a game 25 years ago, well, I’m glad I don’t live in your reality.

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      • Joe R says:

        That wasn’t directed at you, it was a general statement meant as a joke.

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  11. Nick Smith says:

    I know the Eck has a long term contract with TBS but I haven’t heard him doing any games so far this postseason. A shame, since he became one of my favorites when Remy was out this year. They’re wasting him if they’re only using him as a studio analyst.

    Not sure if anyone else saw this, but I was watching one of the games on Wednesday (can’t remember which one) and the TBS feed just cut out for a solid couple of minutes. I don’t understand how these guys are such amateurs — they’ve been doing a game of the week for two years now and this is their third postseason. Not to mention decades of Braves games.

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    • Joe R says:

      TBS is out to pass FOX and ESPN as the worst station for baseball. They’re doing a great job at it.

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      • Samuel Lingle says:

        At least ESPN has great quality in the broadcast itself if not in the announcing.

        TBS is a complete and utter joke. Nothing they do is of any quality even close to subpar, and they are not even doing the bare minimum that should be expected of broadcasting a baseball game – actually broadcasting the damn game!

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  12. Seideberg says:

    I don’t know if you guys have noticed it, but nearly all of the television broadcasters in baseball are atrocious. It’s just one of those things.

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  13. Dan says:

    TBS has been atrocious in all ways. But my pet peeve is when there is a homerun they light up all the bases on the graphic like the bases were loaded even if its a solo shot.

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  14. Danny says:

    TBS is bush league. Baseball announcing in general is bush league. Just mute the game and enjoy music or listening to it on the radio.

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  15. Anonymous says:

    I enjoyed the part in tonight’s game about Nick Swisher. About how he was primarily a DH and 1B with the White Sox and hadn’t been asked to play the outfield much for a few years, until the Yankees put him in RF. You know, the Nick Swisher who spent more time in the outfield than anywhere else the last few years, only playing more 1B in 2005-2006. He was Chicago’s primary CF last year. He did play a lot of 1B when Konerko was injured, but the guy was primarily an OF and didn’t even DH once for Chicago. I thought his being asked to man CF regularly had been pretty well discussed last year…. Apparently not in TBS circles…

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  16. Joe says:

    Does the sound of the crowd seem excessively muted in the TBS games too?

    A HUGE part of the fun of watching baseball games is hearing the chants of a crowd or the roaring after a home run. It helps build up energy. Its a strange complaint but I really think its true.

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