Andrew Zimbalist Says What We’re All Thinking

In this article about the Dodgers sale (which raises some of the same questions I’m having about the price), Andrew Zimbalist says this about Frank McCourt:

“It’s problematic,” Zimbalist said. “He was looking for some kind of ongoing income stream and he got it. Here’s a guy who borrowed practically all the money to buy the team for $430 million and now he’s selling it for $2.15 billion and he’s coming out with a healthy capital gain — it’s repulsive. This is someone who doesn’t deserve to walk away with a healthy profit after eight years of running the Dodgers in the most egregious, the most inefficient, the most self-interested, and the most vainglorious, idiotic way possible. It really is repulsive that he will still be making a profit in some way.”

Amen, Mr. Zimbalist. A-men.

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Dave is the Managing Editor of FanGraphs.