Attention! Wisconsinly Oriented Baseball Nerds!

Sadly, for those of us currently residing in the Badger State, Dark Overlord David Appelman has as yet to announce a Wisconsin-centric event like the one that just occurred this past weekend in New York City. (Although, to be clear, I didn’t actually ask him — i.e. the Dark Overlord — to his face or anything. Guy is scary.)

However, still flush with the joys of the New York event, I was excited yesterday to come across what appears to be a totally acceptable alternative.

Sponsored by Miller Park Drunk (@millerparkdrunk), the event — known, for too many obvious reasons, as the Pants Party — takes place at Milwaukee’s Miller Park on August 29th, starting at 11:00 am and going until Carlos Gomez adopts a skill-appropriate approach at the plate. Or till the game is over. Either one.

So far as I can tell, the Pants Party is an event fully dedicated to the exploration of The Good Times. Brats will be served, adult sodas will be (responsibly!) imbibed, and baseball will be watched.

Details about, and tickets for, the event are available here, the meat-tastic menu is available here, and a rousing post about the merits of the Pants Party — written special for MPD by Wezen Ball’s Larry Granville Granillo — is available here.

Note: on account of I, Carson Cistulli, have had no in arranging this event — have actually only known of its existence for 24 hours or so — neither I nor FanGraphs assume any responsibility for your decision to attend. So if it’s just a weird cult gathering or something — well, don’t blame me.

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  1. Erik says:

    I live about 4-4.5 hours away from Milwaukee in Western Wisconsin.

    I am considering making the trip. Will it be similar to the FanGraphs event as far as discussion, etc?

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  2. Patrick says:


    I believe not – This is more of a game viewing party.

    Carson, will you be there? It is slightly unclear from your post!
    If so, I will make the trip from Minneapolis.

    I am open to the possibility of carpooling, in case anyone else in the MPLS/St. Paul area wants to head out there.

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    • Patrick’s right. Anyone going to this should expect nothing more than a fun tailgate with great food, beer, & people and hopefully a Brewers win over the Pirates. As you can imagine, with a site called Miller Park Drunk, the festivities are more social in nature than analytical.

      But I do think it’s going to be a great time. It sounds like there’s going to be a pretty good showing from Wisconsin-area bloggers (FG’s own Jack Moore mentioned he’d be going on Twitter last night, for example), so the conversation should be worthwhile.

      I hope a few more people in the area can make it, but make sure to get your tickets quick. I think the deadline is tomorrow.

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      • Patrick says:

        Oh, and Lar, having Mr. Wezen-Ball there will be a wonderful treat.

        Your website is incredible, though how you find the time and passion for your oddities astounds me.

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    • Patrick: Yes, I’ll be there, and I look forward to meeting and high-fiving as many midwestern baseball nerds as possible.

      Just be warned, though: I’m not nearly as hilarious or affable in person as in print (if you thought I was one or the other to begin with). I’ve never admitted it before, but almost all my posts are ghostwritten by a team of foul-mouthed 8-year-olds, who — for obvious reasons — will not be attending this bacchanalian event.

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      • Patrick says:


        I believe in you – It’ll be fine.

        And your 8 year olds can just stay in the car until we’re done drinking.

        And on a distinctly related note! If you turn out to be less hilarious in person (which seems natural, you have time in print to compose your thoughts)… Then I can simply DRINK until you seem hilarious again.

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  3. astat says:

    Holy frick this is awesome.
    Although I may try to kidnap Carson and make him follow me around to describe every furniture item we see as either a “desk-piece”, “chair-piece” or “an incredibly round table”

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  4. Grammar Notzi says:

    Meat-tastic menu? Like Prince I require something on the green side.

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    • Bill says:

      The only time you’ll find something green in Milwaukee is when they dye the beer green on St. Patty’s day.

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      • Cidron says:

        No kidding Bill. Grew up in Milwaukee… Brats galore.. and the only “veggies” are the hops in the beers. Good times.. Can remember seeing the Brewers (and the Packers) play at County stadium many times. (yes, back when the pack played several of their home games a year in Milwaukee..)

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  5. Cody Badger says:

    Whoa, there WILL be relish!

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