Award Crowdsourcing: AL Cy Young

I’ve been having a lot of fun with these Contract Crowdsourcing pieces, but there’s no reason we have to limit ourselves to just estimating free agent wealth. Since it’s the hot topic of the moment, I thought I’d let you guys weigh in on the AL Cy Young race, which is turning into a referendum on the value of “wins” for pitchers. The narrative being told at the moment is that Felix Hernandez is, by far, the most deserving candidate, and that only CC Sabathia’s win total might stop him from winning the award.

Of course, Felix isn’t blowing the field away like Josh Hamilton is in the MVP race. He’s had a great year, but he’s not the only pitcher having a great year. You can make an argument for pitchers other than Felix without resorting to craziness. So, I figured we’d put it to you guys. If the season ended today, who is your American League Cy Young Award winner?

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