Baseball Chat – Jason Collette

Jason Collette: Good day! You can start adding questions to the queue. Will begin answering them just before noon.
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Comment From I changed names!
The angels put Mike Trout on the block (hypothetically), how many teams have the chips to actually get him?
    Jason Collette: Chips & cash? One – Boston 

Comment From Rated Rookie
Better things ahead for Chris Archer? Seems like not so many strikeouts and lots of hard contact. I mean, that’s what it looks like when MLB.TV isn’t buffering.
    Jason Collette: He looked fantastic yesterday through the first 4 innings and then completely lost his release point. 

Jason Collette: Be right back – auto glass guy just showed up. Oh yea, never go to dealerships that crack your windshield while doing an oil change on your car and then say the car was like that when you brought it in.
Jason Collette: OK, sorry. Back. Let’s get rolling!

Comment From Stephen
Kuroda or Skaggs ROS?
    Jason Collette: Kuroda…I still have to go with the vet as much as I like what I see from Skaggs 

Comment From wes
Kluber droppablein 10-teamers? Got Salazar, Ventura, Eovaldi as my 5-7 SPs
    Jason Collette: In a 10-teamer without a bench, yea, if you think Salazar’s start vs the Giants is the real deal and the other 4 stinkbombs he had are a thing of the past 

Comment From DCC
Drop Prado for Infante?
    Jason Collette: Yes, Prado looks bad. I just dropped him in my NFBC league 

Comment From Ben
More useful this season: De Aza or Oswaldo Arcia?
    Jason Collette: de Aza for me. Park really helps 

Comment From George
Trade BJ Upton for Pineda? Good deal or is Pineda’s injury a huge concern? I shamelessly still believe BJ could go 20/20
    Jason Collette: No, hold onto BJ right now. I don’t like dealing for hurt pitchers. It’s a sticky situation 

Comment From Go Twins!
Expecting a power spike for Machado in his 2nd full season now that he’s back and healthy?
    Jason Collette: Why? Sure, he hit a lot of doubles but many of them were three-hoppers down the line past diving counterparts. Doubles just don’t become home runs. 

Comment From DCC
Is Billy Butler droppable?
    Jason Collette: Sure, so I can pick him up. He’ll snap out of this. 

Comment From Ancient Astronaut Theorist
I’m in a keeper league and a poor draft, combined with early season injuries have me considering a rebuilding year. Is it too much to offer (keepers) McCutchen & Carpenter, plus (a yearly rental) Felix for (keeper) Mike Trout? Is it too little to offer?
    Jason Collette: Yea, that’s laser-focusing on a player. You should be able to break that trio up and get a better overall return 

Comment From Graham
Sell high on Ozuna and trade for Andrelton Simmons? Andrus is killing me.
    Jason Collette: I can sign off on that 

Comment From Big Mike
Thoughts on Pineda’s injury?
    Jason Collette: Never a good thing for a pitcher’s lat muscle to be affected. This plus seeing how he’s going to throw post-pine tar would keep me from trying to trade for him. If you have him, ride it out. 

Comment From stonepie
thoughts on jeff’s austin jackson article? how do you see him playing out fantasy wise if he keeps the adjustments up?
    Jason Collette: Been super busy and haven’t seen it yet but I liked Jackson a lot coming into this season and April’s performance doesn’t change that for me. 

Comment From Graham
Drop Tillman for Alfredo Simon in a 12 team, mixed?
    Jason Collette: I can’t sign off on that. Plus, if this legal stuff with Simon grows, that’s a problem. 

Comment From Josh
Whats your normal strategy for keeping auction player in league with a small number of keepers (i.e. 5-6) ?
    Jason Collette: Keeping the best projected values on my roster. It is nearly always about value. 

Comment From jon
Salazar show you enough last time out to trust him vs. CWS today?
    Jason Collette: It was one game, but I really liked how he moved his fastball around instead of just staying up in the zone. The White Sox offense is MUCH better than the Giants these days, so I would not take the risk and see how he uses his stuff against a tougher lineup. 

Comment From DCC
Better 3B pickup, Uribe or Plouffe?
    Jason Collette: Uribe is crushing the ball these days and drawing walks. Go with him. 

Comment From Rated Rookie
As much as I detest the save stat and its place in roto leagues, I detest even more that I am asking a question concerning these. Who is the better ROS closer option for S, WHIP, & Ks: Hector Rondon, LaTroy Hawkins, Ernesto Frieri?
    Jason Collette: Frieri 

Comment From Graham
I traded Pujols for Carlos Gonzalez. Who’s the best 1B option to grab off waivers? Teixeira, Chris Johnson, or Loney?
    Jason Collette: Teixeira 

Comment From Jeff
Scooter Gennet’s triple slash at the end of the season will be…
    Jason Collette: .270/.315/.380 

Comment From merlin
Its been a tale of two players in Jean Segura’s major league career so far. He settles in to being a top ____ SS in baseball?
    Jason Collette: 6 

Comment From Cards Fan
How far does a ball have to travel to be considered a line drive as opposed to a gb? Wondering as I have a hard time distinguishing some of those missles that Puig hits through the infield
    Jason Collette: It is all subjective. The scoring is done initially from the press box and then video reviewed at a later time as I understand it. When I was at BP, Colin Wyers (now with Astros) would rant about the subjectivity of scoring line drives. For me, I don’t like using LD% for analysis because of that reason but to each their own. 

Comment From Guest
What are your thought on Brandon Morrow?
    Jason Collette: Is he hurt yet? 

Comment From Guest
Gausman or Bundy?
    Jason Collette: Gausman – I need immediate gratification 

Comment From Steve
Eovaldi or Archer ROS?
    Jason Collette: Eovaldi is less volative right now. Archer has 6 starts and has been boom in 3 of them and bust in 3 of them. 

Comment From Guest
What’s a good comp for Michael Wacha?
    Jason Collette: Not the biggest fans of comps but a healthy Ben Sheets? 

Comment From B
Do I start Salazar tonight? K/BB league. Huge upside, but I’m shaking in my boots.
    Jason Collette: The White Sox can put a hurting on a pitcher, and one start should not change your mindset about Salazar. He is not out of the weeds yet. 

Comment From John
Any signs Zack Wheeler is improving his command this year?
    Jason Collette: He is getting more called strikes, but batters are also not chasing his pitches at the same rate they were last season.It is good to see a guy’s K% up 5 percentage points while his O-Swing% drops at the same rate. That means he can work in the zone to get misses and not have to worry about getting dudes to chase. 

Jason Collette: be right back..sorry
Comment From Guest
Who would compare Anthony Rendon to?
    Jason Collette: awesomeness 

Comment From atoms
What the heck is wrong with Matt Kemp and Wil Myers? Kemp isn’t whiffing that much more than usual (though o-contact is down from previously established levels), and Myers’rates look normal too. Is it BABIP bad luck, poor quality of contact? Will it get better soon? I’m relying on Melky, Murphy, and Dyson while these guys slump. That can’t last forever.
    Jason Collette: Myers is too pull-conscious right now. Not using the other fields and can’t cover the outer third of the plate. I haven’t seen enough of Kemp to make the same call but Myers is a mess at the plate now for 2-3 weeks. 

Comment From Operation ShutDown
How much longer can Farnsworth hold on to the 9th? Who takes over for him?
    Jason Collette: I predict 7 different Mets relievers will have saves this season 

Comment From AL Pitching Coach
Hi Jason. Hope you had a great week. I’m setting my fantasy lineup for the weekend and was really hoping to get your feedback. Tyler Skaggs at home to Texas and Sonny Gray in Boston; do you feel confident starting both of them? Thanks so much!
    Jason Collette: Yep – start both with confidence 

Comment From Guest
Just traded Dan Haren for Anthony Rendon, so I can relegate Neil Walker to my bench (Rendon has 2B eligibility). How should I feel about this?
    Jason Collette: You should feel very good about it. 

Comment From Jeff in T.O.
Sonny Gray + what for his Abreu?
    Jason Collette: Whatever a good need is for his team 

Comment From Meowmix
You previously mentioned your non-baseball interest was travel. You have any recc’s on watching baseball overseas. I’m curious about games in Latin America, and mostly in the DR (headed there soon on vacay). Is there anything organized and is it worth it?
    Jason Collette: I’ve only been to Guatemala and Chile and neither had baseball, so sorry, I cannot help you. I’ve heard from others that have made trips to Latin America that going to games is a must. Hit up Mike Ferrin from SiriusXM on Twitter as he went to Venezuela this offseason 

Comment From henchman #24
I have Sandoval at 3B killing me, but is he drop-him-for-Plouffe killing me?
    Jason Collette: Noooope. 

Comment From Pick A Prospect
Alex Meyer or Andrew Heaney?
    Jason Collette: Heaney! 

Comment From Jeff in T.O.
Sell Rendon, or is he a keeper?
    Jason Collette: Health is his only risk. These skills are for real. 

Comment From JP
What are your thoughts on Corey Kluber? I had Cingrani hit the DL, along with Latos so I need a replacement and he was dropped recently.
    Jason Collette: Nice buy-low 

Comment From Jimbo
Why do you think that not even 25 years ago we had a boat load of Aces that threw 230+ innings annually (Clemens, Glavine, Smolts, Schilling, Maddux, Mussina, Brown, Halladay, Randy Johnson, Ryan, Hough, Blyleven, Stewart, Morris etc..) and now we there doesnt seem to be 1 guy who can do it for more than 2-3 seasons?
    Jason Collette: Managers using the advantages of matchup pitching. All pitchers suffer statistical degradation with repeated trips through the lineup so why allow someone to face a guy for a 4th or 5th time when you have a stable full of hosses in the pen that can pump it 95+? 

Comment From Real Talk
What kind of return can I expect if trading Prince Fielder?
    Jason Collette: A lot of low-ball offers. He has 50% of the RBI that Casey F’n McGehee has right now. 

Comment From The_madden_curser
Have Sale & Taijuan Walker on IR. Now dead arm Cingrani. I can activate Sale now and DL Cingrani, or I can cut Cingrani loose, leave Sale on IR, and pick-up someone like Eovaldi, Wily Peralta, Bauer, Beckett, or Meja, until Sale returns. What do you think? Is it just a minor dead arm issue? Is Cingrani someone to hold on DL who might be worth reactivating over guys on my team like Gallardo, Salazar, Wheeler, or Ventura? I could make room by dropping Tajuan Walker too. Thanks Jason.
    Jason Collette: I’d rather cut Walker off that list. 

Comment From Michael
who is a better keeper for next year Bundy or matt harvey?
    Jason Collette: Harvey – he’s had success at the MLB level 

Comment From Jeff C
Yesterday Pitt batted Travis Snider and Ike Davis 1 and 2 in their lineup. Worst top of the order ever for a team the year after they were in the playoffs?
    Jason Collette: Yikes! Davis is 0 for 2627 since the grand slam. 

Comment From RotoLando
It’s raining in Tampa Bay and I’m still dry. You know why? Because we have the latest advance in building construction technology — the roof.
    Jason Collette: Welcome to the dark side, my friend 

Comment From Gene Garber
I drafted Bryce Harper in my 12 man Dynasty league. I’m conflicted on what do with this guy. I’m considering putting him on the block. But then I’m reminded he is 21. Should I be patient? He is frustrating to watch, one of the easiest outs in baseball.
    Jason Collette: A guy in my home league traded Harper for Michael Morse…in a keeper league! Don’t be that guy 

Comment From Jared
Who would you rather have for the rest of the season Tulo or Abreu?
    Jason Collette: Tulo – position wins out 

Comment From Jake
Cole Hamels For Danny Salazar and Tyler Skaggs…Good trade?
    Jason Collette: You’re assuming more risk there 

Comment From Minah Leaguahs
I have Gregory Polanco in my minor league spot in my long term fantasy league. We can keep a guy in that spot until he gets 50 ABs or pitches 25 innings.
    Jason Collette: so, you can keep him there until roughly Fathers’ Day 

Comment From Guest
What are your thoughts on guys with seemingly “good stuff” but low strikeout rates? (Cole, Joe Kelly, Chris Archer, etc.) Will they eventually strike guys out? Or is it a lack of secondary stuff/ hittable fastball?
    Jason Collette: Or intentional use of pitches to get weak contact. The sinker low & away is the new en vogue pitches. Takes fewer pitches to get a groundball out than it does a strikeout. 

Comment From JDagg
bigger MLB impact this year – Bundy or Bradley?
    Jason Collette: both will have small impacts 

Comment From Mufferaw Joe
My offense is doing VERY bad in fantasy, because of guys like McCann, Alverez, Cargo, Butler, Hosmer, Edwin Ecarnacion and Chase Headly.. Should I be worried?
    Jason Collette: I’d be buying up every possible share of Pedro Alvarez and EE that I would right now. 

Comment From John
Are the Reds overreacting to Cingrani’s dead arm? Should they be worried about the velocity loss long-term?
    Jason Collette: There’s no such thing as overreacting to a pitcher’s shoulder. None 

Comment From Steal My Bases
I’m in an AL-only league and hurting for SBs. I know this question is vague without you being able to see the available free agents, but are there any speedy players you can recommend that might currently be under the radar? Thanks!
    Jason Collette: Chris Getz 

Comment From D-Bags
Do you expect Brandon McCarthy to bounce back to respectability?
    Jason Collette: Sometime, hopefully before another injury sets in. He has a long career in broadcasting ahead of him should he want to do it. 

Comment From Bill
Rest of season what do you see Jose Abreu doing?
    Jason Collette: Another 30 homers, another 85 driven in, hitting .275 

Comment From Matt
Do day and night splits actually matter or is it just random variance?
    Jason Collette: random variance, unless you are a daily guy looking for some small edge. 

Comment From Trevor Bauer
When is my next start in the majors this year?
    Jason Collette: May 6th 

Comment From Ron
Should an owner with Gyorko AND Dozier hold on to both of them in case Dozier regresses and Gyorko does something crazy like…play baseball!
    Jason Collette: Dozier is the only guy in baseball with at least 7 homers and 7 steals. The homers can’t keep up, but the steals can. 

Comment From Beer Loving Dog born in a Volcano
What should I think of Roenias Elias?
    Jason Collette: Dat curve…love that curveball. What he did last night to the Yankees was fun to watch. 

Comment From Snid
Odd line for Hunter last nite 1 inning, 1 Win, 1 Save.
    Jason Collette: Combo meal? 

Comment From Ed
If things don’t go well tonight in Boston, continue to hold on to Dan Straily or drop for an arm like Keuchel, Mejia, or Hutchison?
    Jason Collette: I could take Mejia over him right now. 

Comment From ashtray
Encarnacion’s OBP and BB/K is starting to creep back up and normalize over the last couple weeks. Reason to be optimistic or still concerned about those wrists?
    Jason Collette: I was never concerned about the wrists. Was only concerned about the strikeouts recently, but he’s showing his signs of turning it around. 

Comment From Jason
Please rank for the rest of the season: Chris Davis, Abreu, Hosmer, Rizzo. Thanks!
    Jason Collette: Abreu…….Davis, Rizzo, Hosmer 

Comment From Guest
How would you rank these SP’s? Archie Bradley, Kevin Gausman, Alex Meyer, Eddie Butler, Jon Gray?
    Jason Collette: Gray, Gausman, Butler, Meyer, Bradley (hurt) 

Comment From Operation ShutDown
Offering Kemp for Cole. Seem about right, or am I aiming too high?
    Jason Collette: Worst they can say is no/click decline 

Comment From Larry David
I was offered Kemp in a keeper for Blackmon/Springer and said no. Am I crazy?
    Jason Collette: Do you want to win now or in the future? 

Comment From Ricky Vaughn
What’s wrong with Cleveland’s offense? They have more than enough fantasy relevant players, yet almost all of them were soul crushers in April. Can we expect better things in May?
    Jason Collette: Paul Sporer & I discussed this with Jensen Lewis on our Towers of Power podcast on Wednesday. It was done toward the final third of the show, so it’s worth a listen. Things have to get better, but the swing & miss is not good right now. 

Comment From JAL
Kluber, Smyly, Skaggs correct order 12-team 5×5 or no? Thanks!
    Jason Collette: yes 

Comment From JAL
Thoughts on Stroman RoS in redraft?
    Jason Collette: Spot starter, will still struggle with the long ball when he misses up 

Comment From Orange
What are your thoughts on the Cardinals relegating Bourjos to the bench and Wong to AAA?
    Jason Collette: They’re the best run organization in baseball. Who am I to question what they do? 

Comment From Pete
Do you think the Pirates wait until June/July to call up Polanco?
    Jason Collette: Of course. Super two rule needs to die in a fire 

Comment From Guest
I heard a Jose Fernandez-Kerry Wood comp the other day. Are you buying that?
    Jason Collette: Thankfully the same person didn’t comp Mike Redmond to Dusty Baker 

Comment From Mufferaw Joe
If a 19 year old FA came up (playing in independant league and dominating) with 80 tools across the board. How much would he fetch on the open market? (considering he
    Jason Collette: $120M 

Comment From John Stamos
I’ve got a not-so-fun deep stash question (602 player pool)… Jesus Aguilar, Jace Peterson, or Ryan Rua?
    Jason Collette: Peterson 

Comment From Snid
Start Porcello today against KC?
    Jason Collette: They can stack a lineup with a few lefties which Porcello still isn’t doing well against. I’m leery of the matchup. 

Comment From Jon
How long until Hanrahan is the closer in Detroit? Does he see that sort of role?
    Jason Collette: He’s not major league ready right now and I doubt he sees the role this season. Fine move by DET to add depth to the pen. 

Comment From The_madden_curser
Would you rank Noah Syndergaard as the hottest pitching prospect / most upside right now?
    Jason Collette: He or Heaney 

Comment From Jupiter Jumper
What do you think of fantasy leagues that include WAR?
    Jason Collette: They should only include WAR and nothing else 

Comment From Bill
Adrian Gonzalez with renewed oppo power so far, think it’s likely he gets over 30 bombs this year?
    Jason Collette: I’ll take the under on that 

Comment From Contract Year
Is this a career year for James Shields or is he a sell high guy? Thanks!
    Jason Collette: He’s a staff anchor – keep him. 

Comment From Tom
What is the best course of action to get someone to stop sending me low-ball trade offers in which I am not interested?
    Jason Collette: Send him even worse offers in return 

Comment From Rico
Trolling for MI help in AL only. What do you make of Grant Green?
    Jason Collette: Worth the pickup. He can hit and he has versatility. 

Comment From Marichal
Which minor league pitcher (Gray, Butler Syndegaard, Heaney), if any, worth stashing in an NL-only?
    Jason Collette: all 4 of them 

Comment From Sleeper & the Bust #1
Given how hit and miss “quality starters” are that everyone seeks in the middle rounds on draft day; and how many hitters there are and how many big names struggle early; is there any hope that the universe will come around and start drafting aces first?? My first three picks were Kershaw, Wainwright, and J. Fernandez… who did I miss out on? Cano, Bautista and Bryce Harper?? No thanks, I’d rather take the FOR SURE ACES, and try and hit on the Rendons of the world, instead of the other way around.
    Jason Collette: At the rate pitchers have been hurt this year, it wouldn’t surprise me if there is an industry shift that sees a 75/25 split in auctions next season. Things tend to be very reactionary – closer market was high this year after a strong 2013 for closers. This season, closers stink, starters getting hurt. Someone not named Doug Dennis is going to go 240/20 in an expert league auction in 2015. Book it. 

Jason Collette: If I knew exactly when Polanco was going to be called up, I could remove 70% of the question in the queue right now. True story
Comment From Dan
Drop Dickey for Bauer? 12 team roto?
    Jason Collette: Nope 

Comment From the Average Sports Fan
Are there any answers about Kipnis status?
    Jason Collette: I haven’t heard anything yet on him, but still don’t see how he avoids the DL 

Comment From Jordan
I don’t expect Morneau to keep this clip going, but do you think he can settle in around his .875 OPS routine with Colorado?
    Jason Collette: If he can use the expansive outfield for singles, yes. 

Comment From thanks in advance
I liked your article on Matt Joyce. He has burned me before, but I want to believe. Would you trade the younger JBJ in a deep OPS keeper just to get him?
    Jason Collette: In a heartbeat 

Comment From kevinthecomic
Care to post the name of the oil change shop so that we can start an internet boycott?
    Jason Collette: service department at Universal Hyundai. Last delay in the chat was for the glass tech to show me the cap on the brake fluid reservoir was missing. I bought the car 3 months ago – I’ve never had any other work done to it so that’s just another thing I need to call and scream about when we end this chat. Unreal 

Comment From Jon
Have you or Eno considered publishing a top 100 starters ranking, updated weekly or so? I’d be interested in seeing something like that…
    Jason Collette: Eno is the boss, so maybe he’ll get that going 

Comment From Dave
What are your thoughts on Odorizzi? worth stashing in AL 10-team?
    Jason Collette: He can’t turn a lineup over for a second time right now. Cruises through the first trip, and then it’s a fireworks show the second time through. Honestly, it’s less frustrating to watch Ramos and Bedard pitch right now than it is Odorizzi. 

Comment From Lioto Guliliato
I dont understand why people are soo excited by Jose Abreu.. I just see way too much of Wily Mo Pena in him. Why should I hype him up?
    Jason Collette: I, as the unofficial President of the Wily Mo Pena fan club, frown upon your shenanigans. Pena is Abreu’s absolute floor, and it’s waaaaaaay below him. 

Comment From Joshua
Votto or Abreu ROS? I love Votto as a real life baseball player, but all his walks don’t help me in fantasy too much.
    Jason Collette: get in an OBP league. Votto is hitting much better now that he’s hitting behind Hamilton despite the fact Phillips is doing absolutely nothing behind him 

Comment From Michael
Is Nolan Arenado a legitimate 3B starter in a 12-team mixed 5×5 league?
    Jason Collette: has a 21 game hit streak and yet his OBP is only 11 points above his batting average. That concerns me 

Comment From Jake
De La Rosa, Floyd, Hammel, Kendrick, Lariano, McCarthy, Wandy Rodriguez, Shields, Villanueva. Who’s the best NYY trade target? They could use a 2-3 win SP.
    Jason Collette: Hammel – he can keep the ball on the ground. Love me some Hammeltime 

Comment From The_madden_curser
Will Polanco be on the same path as Springer. Coveted, acquired, learning curve, dropped to waivers…
    Jason Collette: I seriously doubt it 

Comment From Rocky Mountain High
Can somebody please have a chat with Walt Weiss and tell him it’s really not that difficult to just run CarGo (when healthy), Blackmon and Dickerson out there everyday? Just play your best players man!
    Jason Collette: There’s also a thing about keeping your other players fresh. Maddon is a big proponent of it and makes a good argument for keeping them fresh so that when you do have to use them, they’re not shaking the cobwebs out of their mechanics in-game. 

Comment From Giancarlo is fun
My head tells me Stanton is a sell-high, but my heart wants him on my team. What do you think?
    Jason Collette: The RBI opportunities will come down, but I still want him on my team 

Comment From Matt
Hey Jason – What makes you buy stock in Pedro Alvarez? Positive outlook on him?
    Jason Collette: Making more contact in the zone, not chasing as many pitches, K% is improving, but BABIP is killing him. This is about the time he exploded last season too. 

Jason Collette: OK folks, time for me to get on the phone and raise hell. See you all next week!

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21 Responses to “Baseball Chat – Jason Collette”

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  1. Justin says:

    I just grabbed Gregory Polanco for a stash in 4 leagues, but in 2 of those my offense is weak rolling with Springer in each. Should I be looking to trade my pitching for hitting or stand pat and await for Springer to start to hit or when Polanco is finally called up??? I’m doing well in the standings already.

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  2. John says:

    Community (or Jason if he cares): Please settle this trade dispute in my 12-team mixed non-keeper 7×7 fantasy league. For full disclosure I am not involved and Team 1 is the Commissioner’s team (commissioner of all our fantasy leagues incl baseball, hockey, football) and Team 2 is owned by the Best Man at Team 1’s wedding. Commish has stated he will resign as commish from all leagues due to the scandal over this trade.

    Team 1 receives:
    Mike Trout
    Jordan Zimmerman

    Team 2 receives:
    Jacoby Ellsbury
    Cliff Lee

    Would you classify this deal as 1) fair for both sides; 2) slightly unfair; 3) a late wedding gift from Team 2

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    • Curious says:

      I think the trade is slightly unfair to team 2 (though Lee is a better pitcher than Zimmerman). Not a huge difference. Why would the Commish threaten to resign when he gets the good end of the deal?

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      • John says:

        That was my assessment of the trade as well.

        Commish said he would resign as there have been several vocal opponents to the trade.

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        • Steve Z says:

          In a non-keeper I think that’s pretty fair. Ells side loses out on HR’s but gains ton of K’s with Lee. Still like any side with Trout on it better but it’s not horrible for non-keeper

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    • IMO says:

      In my opinion, since it’s a non-keeper, I’d say it’s somewhere between 1 & 2. I don’t know what else the teams strengths/weaknesses are but how I see it is Team 2 is giving up power and prob some avg although the gap may be closer than most people think for an uptick in SBs. (I recall reading from a couple sources that trout appears to be a little less patient this year in the early going.) Team 2 also gets the better pitcher. If this was a keeper league…totally different story but it’s not so unfair imo. I’d actually be interested in seeing someone’s argument as to why they think it is.

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    • baltic fox says:

      Trout’s the best player of the bunch. That’s the starting point I use for judging a trade. And though I don’t know all of your categories, I’m guessing he’ll help in every one of them.

      Ells will probably give you slightly more steals, but for how long? Speed ages quickly. He’ll also give you a solid batting average and plenty of runs scored. Modest power.

      Zimmy is younger than Lee and pitches in a more favorable park for pitchers. Lee will have a higher K rate, and probably a very good WHIP.

      I’d say it’s a late wedding gift.

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  3. driz says:

    so much drama! the Commish threatening to resign is weird.

    but the trade looks ok for a non-keeper. the team getting Trout is the winner, but not a terrible trade for team 2.

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  4. jake lindland says:

    I think this deal is slightly better for team one but certainty not a trade that should cause someone to resign as comish

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  5. Jeff says:

    Will Josmil Pinto get enough at bats and is the on base enough to make up for the poor batting average in a 1 catcher format league that counts ave, obp, and slg?

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  6. baltic fox says:

    I missed the non-keeper part.

    In which case, I’d say it’s a #2: slightly unfair.

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  7. John says:

    Thanks guys – I have taken this transcript to the league

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  8. Phil says:

    Marlins could easily get Trout with Jose and Stanton

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  9. wizard's sleeve says:

    What do you think of this trade: Kemp and Marte for Cain and either Butler or Blackmon?

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  10. Cybo says:

    Thats what you get for driving a Hyundai!

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  11. Chuck says:

    Responding to Snid’s comment at 12:41 about Hunter getting a win AND a save. Cant be done, an impossibility. He got credit for the win and no save. Check the boxscore.

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    • Mike S says:

      I believe that what the commenter meant was that on the day, Hunter combined for only one full IP in two outings during the DH, but came out with both a win and save. Obviously Hunter didn’t get both in the nightcap.

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