Bill James Handbook 2010 Projections

Throwing out the opening pitch of the FanGraphs 2010 projection season are the Bill James Handbook projections. Huge thanks goes out to Baseball Info Solutions for allowing us to publish their projections again this year.

They are now available in all the player pages, but as usual if you want them in a sortable format with some extra goodies, you’ll have to purchase them yourself.

And for those of you who own the FanGraphs iPhone app, they’re already waiting for you in those player pages too. No update necessary!

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17 Responses to “Bill James Handbook 2010 Projections”

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  1. Ray says:

    Will these been sortable in the projections section?

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  2. David says:

    Check out Koji Uehara – he’s projected to have 25 games, all starts, but also 2 saves.

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    • Twac00 says:

      Maybe they’re projecting a rule change where pitchers can re-enter games.

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    • Lombard says:

      It’s because he is a pitching ninja…attack without appearing

      Also, Jay Bruce = 38 HRs. Niiiiice.

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      • Big Oil says:

        Seriously. And .272 BA IIRC, which even if true (and I’d like to think its not considering his minor league track record) is a nice rebound for Bruce fans after this past year.

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  3. BrvesFan44 says:

    I’m not seeing them. Are they not where they used to be?

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  4. are the Bill James predictions updated as free agency, starting lineups and injuries settle out and occur?

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  5. Kevin B says:

    It’s fun and enjoyable Winter reading. Don’t worry Bill I am buying the book but thanks for allowing Fangraphs your projections.

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  6. Charlie says:

    Does Bill James update projections at any point?

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  7. Kyle says:

    How often are his projections right? So far he looks crazy for saying Big Z would have an ERA of 3.60, and projected Burnett to have a better ERA, 15 wins and 217 k’s. Oddly, he thinks Halladay’s ERA will jump while making the transition from the toughest division in baseball his whole career to the NL to play for a stacked team where he won’t lose while giving up 1 run in 8 innings anymore. He also only projects Doc to only get 17 wins? Jesus… don’t worry Bill, I will not be buying your book.

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    • TsB says:

      To note, Bill James is not involved with the projections at all, he just lends his name to them.

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    • Daniel says:

      You may want to note that BJ actually projects Halladay to better his career marks by every measure, and that these projections are in line with all the other systems.

      I would love to hear your projections, especially how many wins he might amass. 17 is obviously ridiculously low. As many as ONE pitcher in the National League had more than that in 2009.

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  8. Ron Good says:

    Have enjoyed the Bill James Handbook for years. Will always buy. The projections are always the first out and very much on the mark. My question concerns one Carl Crawford. For the past two years his projection has been oddly low. He has had one bad year in the past five, yet his 2010 projection once again doesn’t reflect that. He remains one of the top fantasy players in the game and will shatter his latest projection of 156 hits and 82 runs scored.

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