Bill James Projections: Updated

Just as the title says, they’ve been updated to the latest and greatest. There are a few players not in the database yet and here are their projections:

Alexei Ramirez: .282/.347/.455 (220 AB)
Kosuke Fukudome .289/.368/.476 (557 AB)

Hiroki Kuroda: 10-10, 0 SV, 175 IP, 115/52 K/BB, 4.01 ERA
Kazuo Fukumori: 3-4, 2 SV, 60 IP, 41/35 K/BB, 5.25 ERA
Masa Kobayashi: 4-4, 0 SV, 68 IP, 50/19 K/BB, 4.24 ERA
Yasuhiko Yabuta: 4-4, 0 SV, 75 IP, 61/28 K/BB, 4.08 ERA

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  1. Bob says:

    Where can I find the Bill James Projections? I’m not seeing them on the site. Also, are the MINER projections going to be available as spreadsheets in the future? Thanks for all your hardwork, this site is amazing.

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