Brandon Beachy’s Impressive Performance

When Butler takes on UConn tonight, you can imagine that a large percentage of the people who have no vested interest in the outcome will be pulling for the Bulldogs. Butler isn’t the same Cinderella story as they were last year, but they’re still a mid-major who entered the tournament as an eight seed, and unlike UConn, they don’t have a long history of winning NCAA tournament games. They’re the little guy who shouldn’t be here, and we like to root for these guys to do well.

Basketball doesn’t have a monopoly on those kinds of stories today, though, as Brandon Beachy made his season debut for the Atlanta Braves this afternoon. Beachy was signed by the Braves in 2008 as an undrafted free agent, used mostly in relief during his first two season in their system, and then skyrocketed to the Majors after moving into the rotation last summer. After a fantastic spring training, Beachy was named the Braves fifth starter, beating out Mike Minor (who was taken seventh overall by the Braves in 2009) for the job in a rather major upset.

Today, he went up against the Brewers – you know, the team with the best offense in the National League last year. The knocks against Beachy have been that his stuff is pedestrian. He lacks an obvious knockout pitch, and while he’s listed at 6’2/210, that seems generous, so there’s not a lot of projection there. However, Beachy shoved his “pedestrian” stuff right down the Brewers’ throats today, and ended up giving up just one run on four hits over six innings, striking out seven Milwaukee hitters in the process. He made one mistake to Rickie Weeks, but besides that, he dominated a really good Brewers offense.

And honestly, he showed off the kind of repertoire that makes the “pedestrian” stuff label seem obsolete. His fastball was 90-93 and he showed the same average velocity as the likes of Matt Cain, Chad Billingsley, and oft-hyped teammate Tommy Hanson in their first starts of the season. He threw 14 change-ups of varying speed, ranging from 78 to 84, and mixed them in with great effectiveness. He threw two breaking balls – a curve and what PitchFx classified as a cutter but is really more of a slider. The curve showed good break, and while it’s not a power hook (averaging around 74 MPH), it gets good enough movement and he commands it well.

How many major leaguer pitchers can sit in the low-90s, throw four pitches for strikes consistently, and feature two different breaking balls that are each effective in different ways? And how many of those are routinely knocked for lacking the stuff necessary to get hitters out on a regular basis? I’m going to go with zero.

Beachy is quickly transforming from a nice underdog story into a how-did-we-all-miss-the-boat-on-him type. He’s been getting professional hitters out since the day he signed, and at this point, there’s far more evidence to support the idea that Beachy is going to be a quality Major League starter than there is that he’s an overachiever who is going to get exposed against good competition. He faced some really good competition today, and he destroyed them.

Welcome to the show, Brandon Beachy. I think you’re going to stay a while.

Yes, I’m violating rule #2 right now. I don’t care.

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  1. Renegade says:

    He’s a pretty meh prospect compared to Hellickson, Britton or Drabek.

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  2. Matt says:

    Renegade, think you missed the point of the article.

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    • Telo says:

      No, I think you (and Dave) missed the memo where Beachy is a medium ceiling guy who looked great in his first start. Can he bust that ceiling and be a great pitcher? Of course, but It’ll be a while before we know the answer to that question.

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      • Temo says:

        Notice the lack of stats in this article.

        The point of scouting is that you can talk about how a pitcher did on a particular day and how impressive/not impressive it was, without having to couch everything as “small sample size”.

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      • Bo says:

        First start of the season. He started a few games last September, and did so rather effectively.

        The point of the article, as I saw it, was that everyone (other than the Braves) should be kicking themselves for completely missing out on this guy. For an undrafted FA to provide any value whatsoever reflects well on the front office of whoever signed him. For an undrafted FA to provide value in a starting rotation like the Braves’ is downright impressive.

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      • Josh says:

        Thanks Ralph Scoutman for that interesting tidbit

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      • PWH says:


        Beachy hardly ever pitched in HS/College and the only reason the Braves saw him was because a scout happened to be at a summer league game–to watch somebody else play–when Beachy happened to throw an inning in relief. The Braves should feel lucky to have caught this guy, but it just as easily could have been one of the other 29 teams, and no team should be “kicking themselves” over missing him.

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  3. Clayton H says:

    Beachy pitched great today and has shown great poise in both his starts last year in Philly and today in the Opener (sell-out in MIL). Great win for the Braves. Kimbrel has absolutely electric stuff in the ninth. Between Kimbrel and Venters, the Braves are loaded with young talent at the back-end of the bullpen.

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  4. Logan says:

    Since when were the Brewers the “best offense in the National League last year”? The Reds had them covered in… well, in pretty much everything.

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    • Logan says:

      Also, Gomez? Betancourt? Morgan? Nieves? Yeah, Weeks, Braun and Fielder are stars, but he wasn’t exactly up against the ’27 Yankees (or the ’96 Mariners- Dave should get the reference).

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    • Dave Cameron says:

      Brewers, team wRC+: 106
      Reds, team wRC+: 105

      Park adjustments matter.

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      • Mr. wOBAto says:

        Stars and Scrubs at best

        Carlos Gomez 84 WRC+
        Wil Nieves 42WRC+
        Nyjer Morgan 73 WRC+
        Y. Betancourt 81WRC+
        I believe only Gomez played in Mil last year but even at that those four are a pretty sorry lot. Not to take anything away from Beachy or any kid who pitches well in their first start.

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      • Dave Duncan says:

        2010 reds:

        (min. 200 PA)

        Joey Votto 173 wRC+ 648 PA
        Ryan Hanigan 125 wRC+ 243 PA

        no other reds player was over 125 wRC+ and 200 PA in 2010

        stars and scrubs much?

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      • RoyaleWithCheese says:

        So Scott Rolen (124 wRC+), Jay Bruce (122), Ramon Hernandez (113), Drew Stubbs (109), and Brandon Phillips (101) are scrubs?

        Hernandez’s year was probably a fluke, but the rest of them are all pretty good.

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      • Kyle Boddy says:

        I like 125 wRC+ as the cutoff. Data snooping at its very finest, Dave Duncan.

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  5. David R says:

    Yeah, the point is definitely not “He’s the next David Price” or some kind of star in the making. It does look like he has a decent shot at becoming a quality third starter, which is very valuable.

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    • Bronnt says:

      The point should be that it’s almost unfair-Braves have so much great pitching in their system from solid drafts and good international signings, and then they find someone like Beachy who comes from literally nowhere. If Beachy turns into a middle-of-the-rotation type starter, the Braves have a ridiculous surplus of pitching.

      Unfair when you see even a team with enormous assets like the Yankees reduced to hoping for contributions from Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon, and Ivan Nova.

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  6. byron says:

    Using a combination of freely available projections and other public systems (ie, no personal cleverness), I came out with him as the 57th most valuable starting pitcher going into this year for Ottoneu 4×4. Believe it or not, I had him valued at just over $8! He was on my bench (for $1, thank you very much) today, due to the Brewers’ offense you mentioned, but he’s not looking like he’s going to be sitting too often anymore.

    Yeah, ok, I’m going to have to revisit a system that has its 57th most valuable pitcher worth $8, but the point stands!

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  7. Firefly says:

    Bryan Smith’s middle relief grade disagrees

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  8. Mark says:

    The Brewers have too many easy outs in the line-up with Hart out.

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  9. Temo says:

    I said earlier today in Carson’s article that he’s wrong about Beachy’s pedestrian stuff. I’ve been higher on Beachy than Minor since I saw both pitch last year, and I still feel the same way.

    With that said, this Brewers lineup looks pretty weak right now without Corey Hart. Other than Weeks and Braun/Fielder, I don’t think anyone in there right now is a league average hitter or better.

    (McGehee, I guess, has been better than league average… but he looked awful today and I didn’t really see him much last year)

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    • Undocorkscrew says:

      McGehee put up a 3.5 oWAR last year and had a fantastic rookie season at the plate. He’s significantly above-average at the dish. And Beachy made a lot of guys look awful today.

      TradeBait has been dealing at every stop since the end of the 2009 season and gutted through 3 starts at the MLB level down the stretch last year. He does this 3 more times and we’ll be seeing ‘Beachy for Gardner’ rumors not stop……which is probably going to get pretty annoying.

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  10. Nom Chompsky says:

    Butler does have, however, a short history of winning a lot of tournament games.

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  11. Shaun says:

    I’ve seen 6’3 / 215 and that might be a little generous, but 6’2 / 210 is about dead nuts. Not that anyone really cares. Also Beachy pretty much dominated a team that was picked to win the NL central. Not too bad for a rookie making his first start of the season. And for a fun fact: Brandon grew up about an hour away from Butler

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  12. DonCoburleone says:

    Beachy was awesome today.. And how about a little love for Chris Narveson too? He showed signs of being a very good pitcher last year (4.15xFIP in 167IP) and now today a solid 6 innings (3BB’s isn’t great but still). Don’t you think that when the Brewer’s rotation is fully healthy it’ll make Narveson one of the best (if not THE best) #5 starter in baseball?

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    • Reuben says:

      reds’ fifth starter, maybe twins’ too, zito possibly, niemann maybe, who is the jays’ fifth starter drabek? him definitely, blanton probably, beachy probably, so… no.

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    • Temo says:

      Braves fan; first time I saw him pitch. I can’t say I though too highly of his stuff today (good at best, probably average), but I was very impressed by his ability to paint corners.

      The Braves announcers said that his hero growing up was Tom Glavine, and it was a very Tom Glavine-eque performance. I’ll be interested to see if he really has that good control or if it’s an isolated good day.

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      • bsally says:

        Actually they were talking about Narveson growing up a Braves’ fan and idolizing Glavine, not Beachy.

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      • Temo says:

        I was talking about Narveson, bsally.

        I actually like Beachy’s stuff a good deal. I’ve also seen Beachy pitch more than a few times, being a fan of the team and all.

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      • bsally says:

        Oops, my mistake! Apologies!

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      • Jason B says:

        There’s no apologizing on the internet! No admission of an honest mistake! You’re supposed to impugn his sexuality and/or cocksmanship…

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  13. Dan says:

    How about Beachy’s K/9 and BB/9 rate?

    Since entering the Braves system, he has K/9 rates of 12.00, 8.66, 7.29, 12.11, 9.44, and in 15 MLB innings last season 9.00.

    His walk rate in the minors has generally been right around 2/9innings, and zips projects him at 3.39 FIP this season.

    The making of a very sound middle of the rotation pitcher. And if he is in the #5 slot, that is good news for the Braves. (Especially with Medlen and Minor MLB-ready, and more young guns waiting in the wings.) If Beachy continues to pitch well, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Braves shopping Jurjens later on this season, especially if McLouth has a repeat season of last year.

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  14. LionoftheSenate says:

    Fantasy fans need to get lost. Beachy had a great game and it is very notable that he has out performed Minor, a very touted prospect.

    Beachy has it ‘in-him” to shut down the best offense in the NL, this means he belongs.

    Beach’s stuff is good, the scouting reports, like most scouting reports are dated and of course they are down on Beachy, he was undrafted and scouts didn’t like him years ago, things change. Now the scouts are way, way ahead of the data geeks on this guy.

    Good job calling attention to this Dave.

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    • Ricky says:

      Thank God Beachy has “it in-him”
      …but Jeff Francoeur was “the natural” though.

      So “the natural”>”it in-him”?
      “it in him”>”the natural”?

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    • Josh Shepardson says:

      And of course, you not being a fantasy geek knew he had it in him all, and that he was MUCH better than his dated scouting reports. Good job calling our attention to data geeks lack of baseball knowledge and your overall awesomeness.

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  15. Shaun says:

    It’s not that the scouts didnt like him years ago, it’s that they didn’t know him years ago. Why would you scout a guy that pitched maybe 30 innings total in high school. And a guy that threw minimal innings in college and wasn’t real effective. “Scouts” still don’t know him. That’s why a bunch of scouting reports all spring have been saying he throws three pitches when he throws four. I think that’s all going to change now though. And the “data geeks” have no data on Beachy. They have 2 years of minor league ball and now 4 major league games. None of that really says much. I like all of the tweets today about how Beachy is underrated when so many people were hating on him the last 2 weeks.

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    • The Ancient Mariner says:

      Yeah, but it’s been a while since high school; how do you account for the scouts still not knowing him?

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  16. Nick C says:

    Beachy was getting plenty of love last year, before getting called up, from some very well known experts, including one of the few who’s opinion I truly value on everything he says, in KLaw, you know, as he was on his way to racking up an 11.2 K/9 rate between 75 innings in AA & 45 innings in AAA.

    And by the way, PWH, this guy just beat out our very polished top 10 draft pick from just 2 years ago, who himself has already exceeded the expectations of having a ceiling of being a #3/4 starter, at the ML level, in the race for the #5 spot in a Braves rotation that’s loaded with talented candidates, of which they can only pick 5.

    He can very much be an extremely cheap, middle of the rotation starter, for us, over the next 6 years of his career, or provide us an impressive piece of trade bait, for a team short on SP, if Minor shines while Jurrjens is on the DL, & either way will have very much been a very profitable signing for the Braves, when you consider the cost it took to get him since he went undrafted in about a million round draft.

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    • spike says:

      And yet Klaw disparaged the choice of Beachy over Minor for 5th starter just last week, saying

      “Atlanta has the talent to surpass the Phillies, but they keep trying to sabotage themselves, like talking about batting Jason Heyward sixth, moving Martin Prado to left to install Dan Uggla at second, or choosing Brandon Beachy over Mike Minor based on the tiny sample of spring training.”

      Its an “insider” article and I can’t link to it, sorry.

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      • Jason B says:

        Even so, one start doesn’t prove or disprove the notion that Beachy was a faulty selection for the fifth starter. One good start doesn’t mean it was the right choice, any more than one terrible start proves it was wrong. Time will tell…

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  17. In BHQ’s 2011 Forecaster, published many months ago, Rob Gordon wrote, “Brandon Beachy emerged as a solid back-of-the-rotation guy. The Braves moved him from relief to the rotation and the results were excellent: 5-1, 1.73 ERA and 28 BB/148 K in 119.1 IP. Beachy has a nice four-pitch mix, throws strikes, and has plus command.”

    I remember reading that and thinking, “how often does a reliever become better by moving into the rotation? Isn’t that like a kicker becoming a better football player when he plays slot receiver?”

    Gordon’s writing also shows, LionoftheSenate, that its not the “fantasy” part that makes a fan dumb.

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    • scott says:

      I don’t quite get your football analogy but the point stands, what a story. The guy is just fun to follow. I hope he keeps the magic up for a while!

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  18. Paul says:

    Thanks for covering this, Dave. Anybody who has actually seen Beachy pitch knows the pedestrian stuff tag is a joke. My favorite AB of the day was Braun in the 5th I think. Located well for a couple pitches, struck him out looking with a FB right down the middle. That is something missing about the evaluations of him. He has good stuff, he’s confident, he’ll throw anything in any count. For those bashing the Milwaukee offense, yes it’s a small sample, but Ryan Braun doesn’t look at a FB right down the middle very often. The guy is obviously doing some things right.

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  19. Shaun says:

    Did I say four? I meant five. 4-seam, cutter, change, curve, slider.

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    • bsally says:

      I don’t think he throws both a slider and a cutter. From today it looked like a cutter that was being improperly described as a slider.

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      • Bronnt says:

        Actually that may be backwards bsally, but your point stands-four pitches, one of which is a slider/cutter

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      • bsally says:

        Really? Didn’t seem like there was enough break on it to be considered a full-blown slider, it looked like a cutter to me and I think the broadcasters kept calling it a slider. I could be wrong though. Will definitely be something to keep an eye on in his future starts.

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      • Paul says: video linked to his profile there has him talking this spring about the slider. He just started working on it in the offseason. Either it’s way behind in development, or he likes the shape of it as more of a cutter. Either way, Brandon himself calls it a slider.

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      • baty says:

        I think the point is that if you’re effective with changing speeds, you could in essence be throwing 10 different pitches.

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  20. Shaun says:

    Well that’s where you’re wrong bsally. Cuz he throws both.

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    • bsally says:

      Maybe so but he certainly didn’t throw both today-he featured a fastball, curve, changeup, and what looked like a cutter but was described as a slider. There was nowhere near enough break on that pitch for it to be considered a slider.

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  21. Andy says:

    The doubters will be silenced soon enough. Nobody should expect people who have never watched him to believe that he may actually be a valuable starter. Players who come out of nowhere like he did don’t usually work out, so it’s understandable.

    Beachy is legit though. Watch him pitch and you’ll be impressed.

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  22. Dave says:

    Picked up Beachy in 13 team NL-only draft for $5 back on March 19. Two guys bid me up from $1 & $3. Love his upside pitching for the Braves, and he was a guy I HAD to have. For context, two of my other pitchers (Zito and Livan went for $3 and $4 respectively). I have him projected at 14W with 135Ks. Great start today. He’s not David Price, but I think his ceiling is a solid #2 SP.

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  23. Ben D says:

    Talking Chop had him as No. 9 best prospect in Braves system; I personally had him at No. 6 overall on that list, higher than any of the four voters who contributed.

    Goldstein had him at 10, but said he couldn’t imagine him being more than a back-end starter.

    A few things about his repertoire. He has no obvious plus-plus pitch, but his curveball, heater, and changeup would all probably rate out similarly on the 20-80 scale. Having plus control is easily his best attribute. Think about Marcum’s top speed and he still manitains solid K/BB numbers due strictly to control. 92-93 is perfectly fine for a MLB starting pticher, and his fastball is that “sneaky” type of fast where it seems that the radar guns do not do it justice.

    I don’t see any reason why he couldn’t be as good as Marcum. Marcum’s walk totals were more impressive in the minors, but Beachy’s really got under control as he became a starter. I see his ceiling more as a No. 2 rather than middle of the rotation or back end. The way I currently see it, he has a lower floor and probably a higher ceiling than Mike Minor, given his ability to command his pitches and still earn strikeouts, which should result in solid K/BB numbers.

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  24. Shaun says:

    Personally i had him at number 1. What I’m trying to say is who cares. Who is talking chop and what do they know.

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    • Ben D says:

      Well, they know how to reply to comments at minimum.

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    • Ben D says:

      And to reiterate on who TC is, it’s one of the bigger SBN team blogs and two of the four voters go to minor league games scouting Braves minor leaguers throughout the season as well as attending spring training each season, with much more of a focus on the back fields than with the big club. There’s a pretty big chance that they have seen more of Beachy and the rest of the Braves prospects than a majority of the scouts working for major publications.

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      • Bill says:

        I don’t like the Braves, but Talking Chop is an excellent blog- informative and interesting information for any baseball fan. Check out Bucs dugout too for the same reason.

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    • scott says:

      what he said. on both accounts.

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  25. Shaun says:

    Well since a slider and cutter are two different pitches and he throws each. That means he throws a total of 5 pitches. And if you guys wouldn’t make such dumb comments all the time I wouldn’t have to respond.

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    • Ben D says:

      I never made a statement about how many pitches he has, and neither did gondeee in the article, so the only person out of the two of us making “dumb comments all the time” is certainly not me.

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    • bsally says:

      Yes they are different pitches but your ability to discern between the two seems to be on par with your ability to find the reply button.

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  26. Shaun says:

    They sound awesome

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  27. Flharfh says:

    The “really good” Brewers lineup today included such sluggers as Carlos Gomez, Wil Nieves, Nyjer Morgan, and Yuniesky Betancourt, due to injuries to Lucroy and Corey Hart.

    And no love for Chris Narveson? He gave up the same number of hits and one less run.

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    • northbeach Scott says:

      Beachy carved up the Tigers vaunted Ordonez, Cabrera, V-Mart and Boesch on two separate occasions in ST. The point is he pitched well. Do not try and diminish his accomplishment with drivel about the line up the Brewers fielded, today.

      Narveson also pitched a good ballgame, yielding one more hit (not even) and zero runs. He made some good pitches, but is really a soft tosser, even for a lefty. At least Glavine threw 90-91 when he came up. This guy’s heater was 88, tops.

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    • Andy says:

      Narveson is 29 years old. He’s not an exciting pitcher, and cannot even be construed as an exciting pitcher. Beachy has a short track record, but it’s an extremely impressive one.

      I don’t expect people to believe that Beachy is legitimately as good as he looks right now. In most cases they’d be right. In this case, I believe the doubters are wrong. We’ll know soon enough. There is no point in defending your opinions so adamantly, because the truth is that nobody knows how good Beachy is. He’s more of an unknown than other pitching prospects, because he hasn’t been pitching very long and he blew up last year with a performance that in most cases is not sustainable.

      Dave Cameron did a good job of recognizing Beachy’s potential to be a solid contributor to any starting rotation, because his bandwagon could be expanding very quickly as we get further along in the season.

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  28. Saga says:

    What impresses me the most about Beachy is his ability to paint the outside black with his “good-but-not-great” stuff. He did that in his short stint last year and he also did that a lot today.

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  29. JerseyJ says:

    “Beachy shoved his ‘pedestrian’ stuff right down the Brewers’ throats today”

    Am I the only one who found this to be unfortunately worded? (Both for Beachy and the Brewers)

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  30. northbeach Scott says:

    I saw Beachy start two Spring games in Florida and have become a big fan of his poise and control. His stuff is better than most think. Beachy does not appear to get rattled, even with bad calls or plays behind him. That is a big deal for a young pitcher. So many get frustrated easily and then lose focus on the task at hand.

    If the Braves can get Beach his first taste of a win, you are going to see him put together a solid rookie season for the Braves.

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  31. Scott says:

    Beachy throws a fastball, curve, change, slider, and just started throwing a sinker. I know because he told me! He was never scouted in HS. He was seen in college, but had no off speed or control, so scouts didn’t like him. He happened to put it together in front of a scout on back to back nights. And since then, he’s been getting better.

    The kid is cerebral, unflappable, and McCann says he has front end of the rotation stuff! So piss on scouting reports, rankings, bloggers, baseball America, and anyone on this site. People claim his stuff isn’t projectable and his stuff is ordinary…how many haters on here can spot up at 91-94 mph, and throw 4 other pitches for a strike?

    Answer: 0

    so just sit back and watch this kid develop, cause he’s just getting started. No one knows his ceiling! And by the way, scouts and baseball guru’s miss all the time…just look at Beachy. He wasn’t even recruited in HS…every D-1 missed in America! Now he’s a legit MLB starter.

    Beachy is here to stay!

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    • Mack says:

      He was recruited, for a couple of years and very hard…by Indiana Wesleyan University.

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    • CircleChange11 says:

      He happened to put it together in front of a scout on back to back nights. And since then, he’s been getting better.

      Check this out, a kid that threw 18 IP for the college I went to, got a start in a regional game. Great changeup, but also hit 90 on the gun and fanned 16.

      Drafted 12th round. Not one of the top 2 starters on the D3 team.

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  32. Scott says:

    It’s a slider. He holds it and throws it like a slider. Today, it wasn’t sliding and from his comments about it, he wasn’t sure why it wasn’t biting. But if you watched his last 2 outings, the slider slid!

    He threw a slider in college, but Braves told him to ditch it. He’s thrown it in pen sessions in past, but his goal was to use it this year. In the Spring, he used it! He likes it! Says it feels natural, like he’s been using it forever!

    He’s a high character guy and works hard. He’s a winner on and off the field!

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    • longbeachyo says:

      There we go! Finally some good info on the guy. Stuff like good work ethic go along way in my book for an underdog-type guy who was overlooked by a lot of MLB teams.
      For fantasy purposes, a lot of pitchers do well in their first go-through of the all the teams. Lets see how he does when he starts seeing these teams again. If he performs well at that point, then I’ll admit i’m in “how-did-we-all-miss-the-boat-on-him” group. For now, I’m glad I have T. Wood, J. MacDonald, Z. Britton and J. Chacin…. no room for Beachy.

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  33. deadpool says:

    Honestly, I like Beachy, but my enthusiasm is still tempered. His stuff is better than average, but not good enough to make mistakes. He’s gonna have starts like today and he’s gonna have starts were he gets hit around, that’s true of every pitcher, the difference is frequency. He has to be on with both command and stuff, a top of the rotation starter can get away with one of the two and still be serviceable.

    If he shows up with poor command or on a bad stuff day and keeps the Braves in it I’ll be closer to sold, but my one person jury is still out, though very hopeful.

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  34. KB says:

    Medlen/Beachy seem similar to me

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    • Ben Duronio says:

      Medlen’s changeup is a plus pitch. He doesn’t have quite the command that Beachy has, but I think he’s overall a better pitcher.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

  35. Gabriel says:

    His fastball reminds me of Gallardo’s.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  36. CircleChange11 says:

    Good for Beachy.

    There were 1200+ guys viewed to be better prospects than he was.

    There’s also probably a “not seen him before” aspect to this. Be interesting to see what affect advanced scouting has on him after 10 starts or so … Same with the other rookies that had strong debuts.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  37. Danny says:

    Not that Beachy will ever be a Greg Maddux but I wonder how Maddux’ “stuff” was described by scouts when he came up? Pedestrian is probably a good guess.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  38. S.M. Jenkins says:

    Butler was a 5th seed last year with one of the best individual players in the tournament on its roster. This year they barely qualified for the field & were an 8th seed that knocked off Old Dominion, Pitt, Wisconsin, Florida & VCU

    If either team was a ‘Cinderella’, it was the 2010-11 edition.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  39. wobatus says:

    The guy who has Minor in our league was tracking Beachy due to the Spring Training battle and snagged him too. He did not get a lot of prospect love (yes, some prospect mavens mentioend him and liked him a bit, but given his k/bb rate in the minors last year, not enough), and kinda came outta nowhere. Looks like he’ll be a good one. Sure, 1 start, but it’s backed up by a lot of minor league numbers that say this is about who he is.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  40. Luke says:

    He led all of the minors in ERA last season, so it’s not like he came out of NOWHERE, just virtually nowhere.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  41. Slevin Kelevra says:

    How about today ?

    Pedestrian or not ?

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • His name is Brandon Beachy says:

      I’m sorry, Slevin, I was going to answer your post but I was distracted by Beachy’s 6 shutout innings tonight, bringing his major league ERA down to 3.52 in 38.3 innings pitched, featuring more than a strikeout per inning.

      Not pedestrian just yet, my friend.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

  42. His name is still Brandon Beachy says:

    And, since I posted that, two more quality starts for Beachy. One was 2 ER in 6 IP with 7 Ks and 0 BBs. The other was 2 ER in 7 IP with 5 K and 1 BB.

    Slevin, you don’t have to eat that crow just yet. But you should be getting your table set.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  43. His name remains Brandon Beachy says:

    Tonight:: 0 ER, 4 H, 1 BB, 9 K in 6IP vs Milwaukee

    Slevin, I’m becoming concerned that you won’t return. Simply because Beachy is making you look like an ass? That’s a silly reason to stay away.

    You should come back.

    I’ve heard that with some sweet and sour sauce, crow tastes pretty decent.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • Heyward says:

      Beachy!!!!!! Screw Keith Law for calling him a 4th or 5th starter who looks an “out” pitch.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

  44. Beachytime says:

    Brandon Beachy clangs when he walks, mofos. Carvin’ up an AL East offense like it an NL Central turkey, sheeeee-it. Injury, schminjury, Beachy says, “Hellz yeah, biotches” and dominates immediately. There be two kinds of guys who strike out more than nine guys per nine innings: very good RPs and top-notch, elite SPs. And Beachy don’t look like no relief pitcher to me, booyah!

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  45. Beachy-rific says:

    Slevin, where are you? I miss you so. I want to talk about whether Beachy is pedestrian.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

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