Brian O’Neill: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Post-Gazette’s “Stats Geek” (Brian O’Neill) did a piece today on the Pirates lack of big hits in terms of Win Probability and Win Probability Added. If you’re a Pirates fan:

Click here to see the Pirates game-by-game charts….
Click here to see the full season Win Probability Added stats….

For further information on Win Probability and Leverage Index, you should head over to the Hardball Times:

Dave Studeman: The One About Win Probability
Tom Tango: Critical Situations

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  1. Joliet Jake says:

    Brian is a great guy. I posted some stuff at my site last week in this post and he caught it:

    Now if you would just figure out a script that will do hands-free realtime charting, I’ll buy a copy. ;) Us little blog owners simply don’t have access to the big boy stat houses for realtime feeds.

    Hey David – how about adding my blog to the Pirates blog feed? ;)


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  2. We might give realtime WPA a test run in a month or two, but we’re still thinking it over. I’ll see what I can do to get your blog added to the feed. :)

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