Calendar Year Musings

I love the “Last X Calendar Year(s)” option that David added to the leaderboards here, and so this morning, let’s take a stroll through the past 365 days and look at some performances that might surprise you.

Miguel Tejada: .278/.331/.440, 600 AB, 21 HR, 40 BB, 69 K
J.J. Hardy: .281/.332/.454, 570 AB, 21 HR, 44 BB, 70 K

The narrative of Hardy as an inconsistent youngster and Tejada as a slugging star can probably be put to rest.

Brian Roberts: 50 SB
Carl Crawford: 49 SB

I know Roberts is a good baserunner, but would you have guessed that he was fourth in baseball in stolen bases over the last year?

Ryan Howard: 153 RBI
Mark Teixeira: 133 RBI

These guys are #1 and #2 in baseball in runs batted in over the last year. Just a reminder that no one’s catching Hack Wilson. Speaking of Howard, he’s also struck out 231 times in that time frame. Yeesh.

Yuniesky Betancourt: 10 walks
Bengie Molina: 19 walks

Yuni has drawn half as many walks as the guy with the second fewest over the same time frame. Stop swinging you hack.

Ryan Braun: 7 triples
Ichiro Suzuki: 6 triples

That just made me laugh.

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