Community Forecast – Playing Time 2011

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  1. J. Bowman says:

    Does a player require a certain number of votes before he appears on the “Show All Players” page?

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    • tangotiger says:

      Yes, he needs more than 3 votes.

      Among nonpitchers, only Mike Moustakas is really affected. He has an estimate of 285 PA based on 3 votes. Everyone else at 3 votes or fewer tops out at 162 PA.

      Among pitchers, the highest pitcher at 3 votes or fewer tops out at 42 IP.

      It’s safe to say that other than (possibly) Moustakas, we won’t be missing anyone.

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  2. Kyle says:

    You will prob kick projection systems asses because it seems they are more concerned with the performance as a ratio to playing time than the actual playing time

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