Community Forecast – Playing Time

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  1. TangoTiger says:

    SBNAtion-ers, and other team blogs. I am woefully under-represented by these teams:

    5 Marlins
    6 Angels
    6 Rockies

    These could use for a few more votes:
    9 WhiteSox
    9 Padres
    10 Pirates
    11 Tigers
    11 Royals
    13 D’Backs
    13 Rangers
    15 Nationals

    Everyone else is at 20 ballots and higher.

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  2. Big Oil says:

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Pretty cool to be able to factor in some of the input on my team’s projections, even if it’s the lowly Nats. What depressed me even further was realizing Julian Tavarez wasn’t included (meaning he is, in fact, a member of the team). For what it’s worth though CHONE and ZIPS weren’t as gruesome as I originally thought — his BABIP last year was pretty unreal over 54.2 IP (.397).

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