Contract Crowdsourcing 2011-12: Center Field

We continue our contract crowdsourcing today with center fielders. New Man on Campus Jason Roberts provided a summary of the options available as part of this offseason’s center-field free-agent class — a class that’s essentially Grady Sizemore and a group of other players.

Given the paucity of the available center fielders, I’ve included only two polls below. The first is in two parts, asking readers to speculate on whether the Indians will exercise Sizemore’s 2012 option. Based on that choice, the reader will be brought to one of two pages.

The other poll concerns the four other main center-field options outlined by Roberts and asks the reader, simply, to decide which is likely to be most productive in 2012.

While we’ll reserve all contract information until the end of the present series (to avoid bias), data from yesterday’s polling suggests that 56.8% of respondents believe Carlos Beltran will be as misunderstood by his next fanbase as he was by the Mets’ fanbase.

Forms after the jump.

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