Contract Crowdsourcing 2011-12: Third Base

We continue our contract crowdsourcing today with third basemen. Wendy Thurm provided a summary this afternoon of the totally blerg’d third-base free-agent class.

Like last time, I’ve added some alternate questions for a few of the players below — inviting speculation, for example, on who might replace Aramis Ramirez at third base for the Cub and soliciting the reader’s feelings when he hears the words “Nick Punto.”

While we’ll reserve all contract information until the end of the present series (to avoid bias), data from yesterday’s polling suggests that roughly 58.4% of repsondents believe that the Alex Anthopoulos Effectâ„¢ might affect their perception of Kelly Johnson‘s value.

The reader will note, finally, that the author has neglected to include Greg Dobbs‘ (and Edwin Encarnacion‘s, for that matter) name among the following, as it hurt his (i.e. the author’s) soul to do so.

Forms after the jump.

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