Curtis Granderson Hitting in the Bronx

The keystone of yesterday’s big trade is the Yankees’s new centerfielder. As Dave Cameron noted Curtis Granderson is an all-star level player: under 30, an above average hitter and an above average fielder at a premium defensive position.

Granderson is a legitimate power threat, a big part of his offensive game. He has a career ISO of .211, and in 2009 busted out with a career high 30 HRs. One reason for the additional HRs was his career low 29.5% GB/BIP second lowest in the game. His power, unlike Joe Mauer‘s, is fairly standard pull power.
Comerica Park is a pitcher’s park and Granderson has generally had a better ISO away than home. At Yankee Stadium, which might be the best place for lefty pull-power hitters, this should change. Here is the HR/BIA rate by angle of the ball in play for LHBs in Yankee Stadium versus Comerica Park.
Right field, where Granderson hits most of his HRs, at Yankee Stadium has a much higher HR rate than right at Comerica Park. So, Granderson should see a boost to his already solid power in New York. The Yankees got not only a all-star-level player, but one well suited to their park.

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