Custom Leaderboards!

This past weekend the leaderboards got a slight overhaul in appearance and bunch of new features. Look below the stats table in the leaderboards for the customization options.

Custom Stat Lists: Choose which stats you want to see in the leaderboards, just like you can in the player pages dashboard.

Custom Players Lists: Choose only the players you want to see and easily compare any stat between a select group of players.

Custom Reports: Save your current leaderboard as a report for quick access to your custom stats lists and stat lists.

League Stats: Easily see league/season totals for every single year in baseball.

Streamlined Leaderboards & Team Pages: The functionality in the team pages is now available to you in the leaderboards section. Filter by team or see team totals by season. Soon the team sections will just take you to the appropriate leaderboard.

Split Teams: Breakout players who played on multiple teams by giving them two (or more) entries instead of grouping their stats together for a single season.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

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  1. Ted Williams Head says:

    When I looked at stats for the whole league, it said the wRC+ was 96, I thought 100 was supposed to be average? Am I just being an idiot and not understanding something about wRC+ or is there something weird going on?

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  2. Norm says:

    I have a question/suggestion: When looking at team stats for say, RF, it gives you the totals of all players combined. Meaning, if Reed Johnson got 20 at bats in RF and 200 in LF, all 220 at bats would still show in the team total for RF.
    So the Tigers show 1470 PA’s in RF while the Rangers show only 513 PA.
    Is it possible to ONLY show PA’s while playing each position (like ESPN stats do)?
    Thanks! Great addition.

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  3. odditie says:

    Please, PLEASE add QS as a stat within leaderboards.

    I know it isn’t a great stat, I know it has its flaws…but I love working with Fangraphs data for my fantasy league, but when I cannot get all the information from here it makes it difficult to work around.

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  4. AndyS says:

    Thanks for this!

    By the way, when can we get ADR on the leaderboards?

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  5. Billion Memes says:

    You guys rock. This website is run fantastically.

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  6. Skittls says:

    Are the month splits gone for good? I kinda liked those. In addition, will we be getting a postseason split? When I saw the update, I was hoping that would be included. Please and thank you.

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  7. raygu says:

    I love the custom reports feature. thanks.

    But, I have to ask, and I am sure I am not the only who wants this. Why is it that when I click a column heading, let’s say it is the HR column, the default sort is least to most, rather than most to least? So, when I click on HRs, I get an updated page showing guys who hit 1 HR this season.

    I think it works that way for most column sorts.


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  8. Chair says:

    This is very good. No longer will I have many Fangraph tabs open at once. Very useful indeed.

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  9. Andrew says:

    will we ever get the optio of creating our own stats and them showing up personaly on our leaderboards?

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  10. gnomez says:

    Thanks, Dave! This is awesome!

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  11. Chair says:

    Random stat request for the future: Give the average wOBA of all batters a pitcher faces during the course of a year. Or at least something similar, to give a sense of the strength of apposition a pitcher might face.

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    • Chair says:

      Though I can’t say I know how this would work. wOBA is meaningful but not when you don’t have an appropriate sample size….hm I still think you guys could figure something out to help with what I’m getting at.

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  12. Nathan says:

    I know we’re talking about a very small sample size, but it would be pretty fun to have a playoff WAR leaderboard.

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  13. dan says:

    How come MLB had 472 WAR in 2011, but only 458 WAR in 2008? How is that possible without a changing baseline?

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    • There’s going to be some fluctuation from year to year, though not too much. I think this has to do with some impreciseness in the run to win conversion number. We use (R*9/IP) * 1.5 + 3, which is a little bit of a shortcut, but gets you really really close.

      There are some other things which can cause some fluctuation too with a declining run environment, such as a lower number of PA.

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