Daily Feature Experiment Thing

In case the reader hasn’t noticed, FanGraphs has a lot more daily content now than it did even last year at this time. Like, a lot more.

It can be overwhelming sometimes — even for those of us who write for the site. Seriously, a guy can leave his computer for a quick nap, wake up an hour or two later, and return to find, like, seven more articles to be read.

To help contend with this bane to our collective nerdom, I’m thinking it might make sense to experiment with a “daily feature” that includes, among other things, a digest of the previous day’s posts.

What else would it include? Well, I don’t entirely know. Probably the One Night Only game previews that critics are calling “a tour-de-force,” for one. Maybe notable tweets? Maybe a graph of the previous day’s most curious game?

One thing it probably won’t be is a link-a-thon to other sites. For two reasons: (1) Rob Neyer, et al., already do that really well, and (2) I can’t read that much about baseball.

In any case, what follows very probably doesn’t represent a final draft, either in terms of content or form. If you have any suggestions as to what you’d like to see, feel free to use the comment section to that end. (Also, if you’re a psychiatrist and have any explanations as to what the frig is up with Pat Misch, please use the comment section for that, too.)

Yesterday at FanGraphs
The Draft That Keeps on Giving
In which computerbot R.J. Anderson looks at the Rangers’ unusually useful 2007 draft.

One Night Only: Yer Darn Tootin’ It’s a Pennant Race
In which yours truly waxes disgusting about the day’s better games.

Expanded Four Factors: Do It Yourself (1.0)
In which Jackie Moore invites you to get all DIY up in this piece.

2010 Draft Review: AL Central
In which prospect maven Bryan Smith talks about boyz to men. Metaphorically speaking.

FanGraphs Chat – 8/18/10
In which our Full-Time Employee wanders among the unwashed.

Derrek Lee to the Braves
In which fellow paesan Pat Andriola considers the relative merits of Derrek Lee and Troy Glaus.

The Reds Are Past the Point of Placating Veterans
In which Joe Pawl is all about Paul Janish.

NPB Prospects You Should Know
In which Patrick Newman quoths the phrase “Fat Ichiro” — but not in the dirty way this time.

2010 Draft Review: NL Central
In which prospect maven Bryan Smith sings a verse very similar to his first.

Jay Bruce and Batted Ball Distance
In which Jeff Zimmerman gets super graphic (with the average distance of Jay Bruce’s batted balls).

The Franchise Player
In which our Full-Time Employee tries to start something with Ryan Zimmerman.

Cubs Bring Back Pitching For Lee
In which Jackie Moore advises you to remember this name: Robinson Lopez.

Another Neglected Red
In which Joe Pawl sings the praises of All-Joyer Chris Heisey.

Carlos Quentin’s Drop Off Continues
In which Matthew Carruth informs you that Quentin’s WAR since 2008 is, like the industry leader of built-in refrigerators, sub-zero.

Notable Tweets
Baseball Division
From jonahkeri: Lance Cormier is the Armando Benitez of Chan Ho Parks.

Open Division
From TheKevinButler: I traded all the way up from a red paper clip into this job.

One Night Only: New York (NL) at Houston | 8:05pm ET
Starting Pitchers
Metropolitans: Pat Misch (N/A)
150.2 IP, 5.91 K/9, 1.43 BB/9, .299 BABIP, 49.1% GB, 4.6% HR/BIA 3.43 FIP (Triple-A)*

Space Team: Bud Norris (10)
99.2 IP, 9.75 K/9, 3.88 BB/9, .350 BABIP, 43.5% GB, 12.9% HR/FB, 3.75 xFIP

*Minor league GB and HR/BIA numbers courtesy of StatCorner. MLB average is 6.5% HR/BIA.

On Bud Norris’s Hot NERD Score
Is Bud Norris really one of the 5-7 most interesting pitchers in the majors? According to NERD, an argument could be made for that. Norris offers above-average velocity (fastball average of 93.7 mph), a sub-4.00 xFIP, and a swinging-strike rate of 11.3% — or, close to a standard deviation above league average for starters.

Normally, all that — plus his youth (he’s 25) — would actually give the righthander a NERD of 8 or so, but because of his inflated ERA (currently 5.42!), he gets a boost. So, that’s how that happened.

On Bud Norris and xFIP
Last year, Norris pitched 55.2 IP, had a BABIP of .327 and a 12.9% HR/FB. Only his strand rate (78.0% LOB — versus a league average right around 70%) prevented his ERA (4.53) from far surpassing his xFIP (4.38).

This season, through 99.2 IP, Norris has a .350 BABIP and, once again, a 12.9% HR/FB. With a far lower strand rate (62.6%), Norris now finds his ERA in the fives.

The natural question is: “Is Bud Norris gonna be the kind of pitcher who underperforms his peripherals?” Well, for now, the answer’ll will have to be: “We don’t know that junk yet.”

Why? Well, accroding to work done by Pizza Cutter way back in 2009 (the exact quote from which I can only find in this thread at Baseball Time in Arlington), neither pitcher BABIP nor HR/FB become reliable before 750 batters effed.

*That’s batters faced, guys. Batters faced. (Jeesh, some people.)

Pat Misch Has an Irksome Habit
But don’t take my word for it. Click this image and get all irked:

If you’re not irked by that, than I don’t know what ever would irk you.

(Moving picture courtesy of the foul mouths over at The Fightins.)

Pat Misch Is Maybe Not a Major Leaguer
Mostly his stats are telling me this. And also how he’s 28.

Notes on the Astros from Ted Walker, Co-Proprietor of Pitchers and Poets
• Don’t let the boyish exuberance and the Little League-style batting stance fool you: Hunter Pence throws funny. He’s also scorching hot, with a 162 OPS+ in the second half.
• Despite Pence’s pop, the 2010 Astros are hitting like their home field is the Astrodome again. In Minute Maid Park, a place that drove the late Jose Lima into the first of his several retirements, only one Astro (Pence!) is on pace to hit 20 home runs with ease. That’s the lowest rate since Jeff Bagwell — the team’s new hitting coach — was sporting the navy, cream and orange to match the outfield seats.
• The Astros are better than the Cubs! If you predicted that before this season started, then you deserve to buy yourself a Mike Scott Starting Lineup figurine.
• How many years did we sign Carlos Lee for? Are there more?

Notes on the Mets from Eno Sarris, Citizen of the Internets
• All you may need to know about the Mets this season: their starter Thursday hasn’t cracked six K/9 in the last two years… at Triple-A. Meanwhile, their closer is a former starter that was striking out fewer than a batter per inning earlier this (particular) season. Makes sense if you are Jerry Manuel, I guess.
• Hey, maybe Jeff Francoeur will start! I mean, the Mets have a 0.5% chance of making the playoffs, so all hands on deck or something. Also: he’s drawn walks in two straight games, so he’s HOT.
• Never punch a man with your pitching hand. Never punch a man with your pitching hand. Never punch a man with your pitching hand.

If I Had My Druthers
Pat Misch would get the psychiatric attention he very clearly needs.

Other Games
TEX (Colby Lewis, 6) at BAL (Brian Matusz, 5) | 7:05pm ET
Colby Lewis is a Colby Lewis among men.

SD (Mat Latos, 10) at CHC (Carlos Zambrano, 4) | 2:20pm ET
Feel Good Story meets Saddest Story Ever Told. Film at 11. Or, uh, 2:20pm.

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  1. fip_drip says:

    Is there any way this daily roundup could get its own RSS feed?

    1 feed = 1 post per day sounds better then 1 feed = 14 posts per day.

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  2. The Duder says:

    Carson, a post everyday from you would be like Christmas… everyday.

    Though, the one thing I would ditch is the list of FG posts from yesterday. Why bother? All you are doing is summarizing the posts in one sentence, but there’s nothing there we couldn’t glean from the title of the post in the first place. It just kind of bulks up an otherwise awesomely concise summary of yesterday’s happenings. If anyone wants to check out yesterday’s articles, all they have to do is head to the home page. I just don’t see the utility.

    The rest of this stuff is bombdotcom. It will be my new life goal to be the tweet of the day.

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    • You might be right: they’re may not be much utility in it. On the plus side, though, I get to think of abusive epithets for all my colleagues.

      What’s your Twitter handle?

      Vote -1 Vote +1

      • The Duder says:

        Well, I have been a long time hockey/baseball lurker/stalker… yadayada I’m making a new account soon, and I’ll follow you up when I do.

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  3. daiheide says:

    If it’s essentially just going to be a list of articles, then I can’t really see how it’s an improvement over the list of articles on the top of the homepage.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  4. Hello Carson,
    Please permit a modest allotment of contrary thinking. I like the article summary. I have FanGraphs in my RSS reader, along with a small army of other blogs, media outlets and mindless timewasters. With all those feeds, I am occasionally compelled to skim, or worse, mark all as read to restore order to a chaotic reader. Having a quick digest is a very good thing. But, if I may, rather than doing a very brief comment on most everything, try instead to represent the best aspects of coverage. Something for the minor league geeks, like me. Something for those who worship at the altar of statistical analysis, like me. Something for the diehard fantasy player, like me. Something witty to engage the literary minded reader, like me. As a transaction writer, in my no longer copious spare time, transaction analysis is very important. I suspect my interest are not too far afield from the regular readers of FanGraphs, but if my fellow commenters have a hobby horse I have overlooked, then do feel free to get bent, I mean share it with Carson, and then get bent. :) I’m kidding, of course. About the sharing with Carson.

    Otherwise, it does in fact chew bubblegum and kick ass.
    Be seeing you,

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    • So, if I were to assign each article to one or two categories, like so:

      File Under: Transaction Analysis

      Is that what you’re suggesting?

      Vote -1 Vote +1

      • I was thinking more cream of the crop, so to speak, but certainly, you could get categorical with all of them. Say put the transaction analysis pieces under one heading, then the fantasy heavy content (like player rankings and the such) in another, the latest from the prospect mavens in a separate section and so forth. As I recall from submitting stuff to the community blog, the tags or categories might be the best place to divvy them up.

        Forgot this in the initial post, definitely keep the tweet of the day, as I two will be angling to be twit (upperclass) of the day as well.

        Vote -1 Vote +1

  5. adam says:

    If I had my druthers: Carson would write a column like this everyday.

    I see your point about it being no different than the list of articles at the top of the page, but it’s nice to have all the articles from each day nicely rounded up in one place. If the title of the post is consistent from day to day, it would make for a really nice archiving utility as well.

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  6. SteveL says:

    Not sure I’m crazy about this idea if it means taking Carson away from podcasts. Remember podcasts? I miss them…

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  7. slash12 says:

    I fully support this idea, it has gotten a little overwhelming. I find myself missing a lot of posts that scroll off the first page within a day now.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  8. danny woytek says:

    You’ve become the Joel Strong of Fangraphs with that .gif

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  9. brentinKorea says:

    The site should do a slow release of the articles. Put an article up every 2 or three hours for example. Otherwise some articles are buried and there is no visitor discussion and comments.

    The discussion has started to suffer once so many articles have been popping up.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

  10. This is God’s warning to America. Repent…or be destroyed. THAT is the answer. It’s very simple. Anyone who reads their Bible and believes what it says is aware of all of this. America is turning it’s back on God in government, in courts, in schools and in society. We deserve His wrath if we do not repent. But the good news is…Jesus Christ will return and bring the wonderful Kingdom of God with Him. He will reign on the earth for 1000 years. As Jesus said in Matthew, all these things we are experiencing are just the beginning. But the End is not yet. Repent, therefore…every one of you. Seek God while He can be found. God is the ONLY ONE who can see us through all these increasing disasters.

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