Daily Notes: Contract Crowdsourcing, Corner OFs

Table of Contents
Here’s the table of contents for today’s edition of Daily Notes.

1. Contract Crowdsourcing: Corner Outfielders
2. An Observation Regarding Ichiro!
3. Elimination Playoff Game Event

Contract Crowdsourcing: Corner Outfielders
Free agency begins five days after the end of the World Series. FanGraphs is asking readers to estimate the years and average annual dollar values likely to be received by certain notable free agents. We continue today with corner outfielders. (Click here for more on the contract crowdsourcing project.)

Other positions: Catchers / First Basemen / Second Basemen / Third Basemen / Shortstops.

Player Page: Melky Cabrera

Player Page: Jonny Gomes

Player Page: Torii Hunter

Player Page: Cody Ross

Player Page: Ichiro Suzuki

Player Page: Nick Swisher

An Observation Regarding Ichiro!
If Ichiro! were to play in one of the Caribbean winter leagues, this is how his name would be spelled:

Elimination Playoff Game Event
NLCS, Game 7 (3-3 Tie) | St. Louis at San Francisco | 20:00 ET on FOX
STL: Kyle Lohse (211.0 IP, 101 xFIP-, 3.6 WAR)
SF: Matt Cain (219.1 IP, 98 xFIP-, 3.8 WAR)

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