Daily Notes: Parker Debuts Again, For First Time

Table of Contents
Here’s the table of contents for today’s edition of Daily Notes.

1. Brief Previews of Select Games
2. Lightly Annotated Video: Jarrod Parker’s Repertoire
3. Crowdsourcing Broadcasters: Chicago (NL) Radio

Brief Previews of Select Games
Here are brief previews for four of today’s games — each including the preferred television feed of FanGraphs readers, per the results of our offseason crowdsourcing project. (Information on probable pitchers from MLB.com.)

Houston at Milwaukee | 13:10 ET
• The appeal of this game has less to do with the teams and/or pitchers involved and more to do with the fact that the present author will be in attendance.
• “But Carson,” perhaps a brazen reader is saying aloud, “I fail to see how your presence at the game makes it more appealing to me.”
• To which I respond: “I’m guessing you fail to do a lot of things.”
• And also: “Oh, snap.”
• Pitchers: J.A. Happ (18.0 IP, 102 xFIP-, 0.2 WAR) vs. Shaun Marcum (19.0, 106, 0.2).

MLB.TV Audio Feed: Houston.

Chicago AL at Oakland | 15:35 ET
• Notable Thing Alert: right-handed pitching prospect Jarrod Parker makes the second major-league start of his professional career tonight — and his first with Oakland.
• Regarding Jarrod Parker: our Marc Hulet ranked him first among all A’s prospects before the season.
• Also, regarding Jarrod Parker: here’s his line so far through four starts at Triple-A Sacramento: 20.2 IP, 9.15 K/9, 2.61 BB/9, 0.87 HR/9, 3.30 FIP.
• Thirdly, regarding Jarrod Parker: here was his Steamer projection for the season: 119.0 IP, 6.04 K/9, 3.95 BB/9, 0.79 HR/9, 4.28 FIP.
• Finally, regarding Jarrod Parker: he’s opposed by left-hander Chris Sale, who’s pitched excellently so far this year. Line: 18.0 IP, 28.0% K, 9.3% BB, 52.2% GB, 2.97 SIERA, 2.90 xFIP, 71 xFIP-.

MLB.TV Audio Feed: Oakland.

Washington at San Diego | 18:35 ET
• The Nationals pitching staff entered Tuesday with the league’s highest WAR (4.2) and lowest xFIP (3.16).
• Regard, their starting rotation (prior to Gonzalez’s start last night): Stephen Strasburg (25.0 IP, 2.90 xFIP, 1.0 WAR), Gio Gonzalez (17.2, 2.08, 0.8), Edwin Jackson (19.0, 2.87, 0.6), Jordan Zimmermann (21.0, 3.43, 0.6), and Ross Detwiler (16.0, 2.73, 0.4).
• Regard, what Gonzalez did last night (box): 6.0 IP, 22 TBF, 6 K, 2 BB, 6 GB on 13 batted-balls (46.2% GB), 3.27 xFIP.
• In this game, tonight, it’s Zimmermann versus San Diego rookie right-hander Joe Wieland.
• Wieland, through two starts: 11.0 IP, 16.7% K, 6.3% BB, 34.3% GB, 4.20 SIERA, 122 xFIP-, -0.2 WAR.

MLB.TV Audio Feed: San Diego.

Boston at Minnesota | 20:10 ET ***MLB.TV Free Game***
• Right-hander Liam Hendriks, in his age-24 season, makes his third start of the season today — and the seventh start of his career.
• His line so far in 2012: 11.2 IP, 11.1% K, 4.4% BB, 40.5% GB, 4.64 SIERA, 105 xFIP-, -0.1 WAR.
• The pitcher to whom he’ll likely be compared during today’s telecast: Brad Radke.
• Meanwhile, pitching for Boston is Clay Buchholz (17.0 IP, 130 xFIP-, -0.3 WAR).
• And meanwhile, playing center field for Boston is likely Marlon Byrd.

MLB.TV Audio Feed: Boston.

Lightly Annotated Video: Jarrod Parker’s Repertoire
Here’s video of Jarrod Parker’s major-league debut from last September.

Pitches you’ll see: slider at 83 mph (0:20), fastball at 96 (0:26), changeup at 80 (0:35), fastball at 91 (0:46), changeup at 80 (0:56), slider at 78 (1:05), fastball at 90 (1:13). Baseball America notes in their Prospect Handbook that Parker throws a two-seamer, of which the fastballs here at 91 and 90 might be examples (although they don’t necessarily appear to have two-seam movement).

Crowdsourcing Broadcasters: Chicago (NL) Radio
Recently, we released the results of our television broadcaster rankings — itself the product of reader crowdsourcing that started in late November. Now, FanGraphs is asking readers to rate the radio broadcast teams for all 30 major-league clubs (Click here for more on this project.)

Rate other teams: Washington / Toronto / Texas / Tampa Bay / Seattle / San Francisco / San Diego / St. Louis / Pittsburgh / Philadelphia / Oakland / New York (NL) / New York (AL) / Minnesota / Milwaukee / Miami / Los Angeles (NL) / Los Angeles (AL) / Kansas City / Houston / Detroit / Colorado / Cleveland / Cincinnati.

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  1. TFINY says:

    If you are watching the Minnesota broadcast, and Tom Kelly is still filling in for Blyleven, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN. He is really, really bad and impossible to watch.

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    • juan pierres mustache says:

      was he the incredibly boring one last night? because that was terrible. i had to mute it because i was in a room with some non-baseball fans and was ashamed of the entire sport because of how bad he was at announcing.

      Vote -1 Vote +1

      • TFINY says:

        Dick Bremer is the one who sounds like a stereotypical (in a good way) announcer. Tom Kelly is boring, repetitive, factually incorrect, raspy one. If you don’t like Boston’s announcers, mute is the option for you.

        Vote -1 Vote +1

  2. Brazen Reader says:

    Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success, every visit to Milwaukee’s ball playing field brings with it the digestive plug of a difficult morning evacuation.

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  3. matt w says:

    Are you going to visit the Woodland Pattern while in Milwaukee? Of course you are!

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  4. HL says:

    What is xFIP-? I’m familiar with xFIP, but cannot find xFIP- anywhere. TIA.

    Vote -1 Vote +1

    • TFINY says:

      Late, but xFIP- is xFIP normalized to 100, with each point one percentage point better than league average. Thus, xFIP- 80 is 20 percent better than league average.

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