Daily Notes, With All the Minor-League FAs So Far

Table of Contents
Here’s the table of contents for today’s edition of Daily Notes.

1. Custom Leaderboard: All the Minor-League Free Agents So Far
2. Video: Angel Sanchez, Defensively
3. Today’s Playoff Schedule

Custom Leaderboard: All the Minor-League Free Agents So Far
What Happened About a Month Ago
Just a little less than a month, Dave Cameron presented to the readership — with the assistance of Brandon Warne — presented a custom leaderboard featuring the players most likely to become free agents this offseason.

What’s Happening Right Now
What’s happening right now is the present author is announcing the creation of a custom leaderboard that he himself has made featuring 29 minor-league players who just declared free agency.

The Two Aforementioned Leaderboards, A Similarity
The similarity between the list below and the one presented by Cameron last month is that they both utilize FanGraphs Custom Leaderboard Technology™.

The Two Aforementioned Leaderboards, A Difference
The main difference between the leaderboards in question is that, while the one presented by Cameron last month appears to have required something in the way of the research, the one below is mostly just the product of the author stealing from a post by Mike Axisa at MLB Trade Rumors.

A Link to the Custom Leaderboard in Question
Click this hyperlinked text to see the minor-league hitters, sorted by 2012 wRAA, who’ve declared free agency. And click this hyperlinked text to see the pitchers, sorted by FIP.

Screenshot: Free Agent Minor-League Hitters
Here, as an example, is a screenshot of the free-agent minor-league batter custom leaderboard (click to embiggen):

One Notable Minor-League Free Agent
One notable minor-league free agent is (now) former Houston shortstop Angel Sanchez. He has little power, but appears capable of playing a near-average shortstop while making contact at a considerably above-average rate.

Video: Angel Sanchez, Defensively
These are probably Angel Sanchez’s best defensive plays among his highlights at MLB.com — both, in fact, from the same game.

Here’s Sanchez making a backhanded play and then throw from the hole on a grounder by Omar Infante:

And then here’s one of Sanchez going to his left, first diving and then throwing out Brett Hayes on a ground ball up the middle:

Today’s Playoff Schedule
NLDS, Game Two | Washington at St. Louis | 16:30 ET on TBS
Jordan Zimmermann (195.2 IP, 97 xFIP-, 3.5 WAR) faces Jaime Garcia (121.2 IP, 87 xFIP-, 2.9 WAR).

ALDS, Game Two | New York AL at Baltimore | 20:00 ET on TBS
Andy Pettitte (75.1 IP, 79 xFIP-, 1.7 WAR) faces Wei-Yin Chen (192.2 IP, 105 xFIP-, 2.2 WAR).

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