Dan Szymborski FanGraphs Chat – 8/20/12

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  1. Ruggiano's Pizza says:

    Hey Mike Trout, enjoy your career year. Yeah, you were such a great player in the majors when you were a 19 year old like Harper is, right? Good luck keeping your BABIP above .375 which you’re going to need to keep your BA over .300

    So what did you do in the majors when you were 19? That 6.7 walk rate is so much crappier than Harper’s 10.1%. Oh, and your strikeout rate of 22.2% is worse than Bryce’s 20.1%. Way to take stats out of context dude.

    Finally, your advantage in fielding won’t be nearly as great as it is now in a couple of years once the Nats settle BH in one spot. He was a catcher his whole life until two years ago while you’ve been in the OF your whole life. Plus, his arm makes yours look like Juan Pierre’s.

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