Dan Szymborski FanGraphs Chat (and Bonus Music Contest)

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Dave is a co-founder of USSMariner.com and contributes to the Wall Street Journal.

4 Responses to “Dan Szymborski FanGraphs Chat (and Bonus Music Contest)”

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  1. RotoLando says:

    Before it goes up, I’m going to guess the song is GoldenEye by Tina Turner.

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  2. Here’s a link to Culling of the Fold, which we were talking about. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gptkSSUly9E

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  3. Tommy says:

    Dan, Yu was like,”Betcha can’t guess this song, Marwin!” And then Marwin totally guessed the song.

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  4. Curtis says:

    Your music taste is for shit but I love you anyways

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