David Robertson’s Injury Worse than First Thought

New York Yankees set-man David Robertson’s status for opening day could be in question. The key high-leverage reliever injured his foot while stumbling on a set of stairs. Robertson – who is currently in a walking boot – had an MRI on the foot, which raised further questions about the severity of the injury, according to manager Joe Girardi. The right-hander will undergo further tests, including a CT scan and a weight-bearing x-ray.

The injury – if serious enough for Robertson to miss significant time – could put added strain on the Yankees bullpen with Rafael Soriano, coming off an injury of his own, likely moving up to take the key eighth-inning duties. It could also increase the roles of pitchers such as Phil Hughes and Dellin Betances, giving them a chance to shine. The organization has a lot of depth in the starting rotation, but less so in the bullpen.

Robertson, who is the likely heir apparent to closer Mariano Rivera, was almost unhittable (5.40 H/9) and tied for sixth in the Majors in reliever shutdowns with 37. He fanned 13.50 batters per nine innings and allowed just one home run in more than 60 innings of work. Most 2012 projections had Robertson posting numbers that would place him among the best in the Majors once again.

The loss of Robertson for a significant period of time will not have the same impact as losing someone like Robinson Cano or Mark Teixeira but it could very well cost the club a couple of wins early on in the season. Foot injuries also have a habit of lingering. With any luck Robertson’s injury will prove to be modest with only a few weeks on the sidelines.

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  1. Shaun Catron says:

    His xTRIP lets us know that the fall wasn’t a complete fluke.

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  2. Jon says:

    do we know how many steps were in the stairs he was walking down? id like to know his trip/step ratio

    +14 Vote -1 Vote +1

    • steex says:

      I agree – I’d prefer to be able to at least calculate a rate stat here, even if not regressed. I thought we were all beyond counting stats.

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  3. Jibbidybow says:


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  4. Eric says:

    Drunk. guaranteed

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    • MikeS says:

      Pretty much any time you here about somebody being injured doing something mundane (like Jeff Kent “washing his truck”) it’s a safe bet that unless somebody caught it on film they were doing something expressly forbidden by their contract like riding a dirt bike or skydiving.

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      • joser says:

        The thing is, contracts generally don’t expressly forbid things like ironing your shirt while wearing it or dreaming about spiders or falling asleep in a tanning bed or opening a DVD with a knife, and yet

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      • joser says:

        Not to mention today’s news of David Price losing a fight with his towel (and apparently not for the first time — you’d think with that track record they would’ve put “THE PLAYER shall remain sweaty” in the contract).

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  5. Polka says:

    Still drafting him…..in a 7×7 League where Holds count. While everyone is chasing saves and paying fore them I get Robertson, Mike Adams, and Sergio Romo for about $4 combined and wimn Holds, ERA and Whip….Thats why I eat saves and steals too, but that somehow still gives me middle of the pack sucess!

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  6. Brian Cartwright says:

    Several years ago I turned my ankle going down steps. The ER doc sent me home with crutches and pain pills, but it took 3 months to walk normally and almost a year for all traces to disappear.

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    • pft says:

      You may have torn a ligament, or suffered a fracture (X-rays don’t catch them all). I had a similar problem with my ankle 25 years ago, I was on crutches for a month. Still remember going down the stairs of the plane on crutches with my brief case at KaiTak in the rain 3 weeks after I sprained it and then hopping up a really high step onto the terminal bus on the tarmac.. Never did fully recover although I can walk normally.

      Unlike Robertson, my ankle swelled up to my knee, they had to cut it open to remove the blood clots. I suspect he has a fracture.

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    • reillocity says:

      Were you celebrating a walk-off grand slam while descending the steps?

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  7. Adrock says:

    I salute you, FanGraphs posters, on a fine thread relating to very mundane news.

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  8. geo says:

    I’ll bet it’s some sort of Lisfranc injury. Chien-Ming Wang, anybody?

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  9. Joebrady says:

    There is always more to it than the headlines show.

    Past that, this only goes to show why the NYY were wise to pay $12,000,000 for a 7th inning RP.

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  10. mb194911 says:

    You’re all terrible fans. At 5 years old I sprained both ankles. Our front year in Brooklyn had more holes than a Puerto Rican golf course. The PRs were the reason my family, my aunt , uncle and 3 cousins upstairs moved to NJ. Then my 2 sisters and parents moved to North Miami. Jumping from the frying pan to the fire. NJ was nice in between both ghettos. David Robinson will recover quickly and lead the New York Yankees to another World Series Championship, #28. right? Good New York Yankee fans think possitively. They’re MLB Champions, year year out like the New York Giants are the best in the NFL. Shove that up your xTRIP whatever that is!

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