Depth Charts: Now With Injury Info!

Yesterday we rolled out our brand new depth charts and standings, and since then there’s a few things that have been added:


- Full injury information is now available in the depth charts. You can find out more about the injury if you hover over the little medical icon. This is updated in real time as soon as the injury information becomes available to us.

- On the Standings page, things are now broken out by division. We’ll be adding AL and NL only tables soon.

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David Appelman is the creator of FanGraphs.

9 Responses to “Depth Charts: Now With Injury Info!”

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  1. Bip says:

    The screenshot you chose is like a punch to the gut. I think I’m day-to-day at the moment.

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  2. Tyler K Patterson says:

    Is it in the pipeline to get each players’ current stats as well as the ROS projection in the depth charts? Or am I being too selfish because I could just click on the player?

    Awesome job on this.

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  3. JuanPierreDoesSteroids says:

    I can’t believe that we get this before we get to make custom leaderboards with a butt nastiness filter. As in, “Wandy Rodriguez is one butt nasty pitcher.”

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  4. Mariners2001 says:


    It would be great to have YTD WAR numbers broken-down by Offense, Pitching, Baserunning and Fielding as well.

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  5. ODawg says:

    This whole thing is incredible. I somehow ended up in a Yahoo fantasy league. The value gap between people who do baseball right (FanGraphs) and people who should have nothing to do with baseball (Yahoo) is widening by the day. I always end up with 17 tabs of FanGraphs player pages and articles open when I’m working on my team!

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  6. AC of DC says:

    I must respectfully disagree with Dodgers’ (apparently British) team doctor’s recommendation. When you are Adrian Gonzalez, and you are in Southern California in the summer, every day is a day for necking.

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  7. Doug Lampert says:

    I have some questions, Jackie Bradley is listed as 7-day DL with a biceps injury. Is this allowed or is there an error?

    The Cardinals have 191 AB listed for DH (summing the players gives 192), how was this number arrived at? Does it include PH appearances?

    Speaking of the DH and national league, is anything done to account for AB by pitchers?

    I love the new feature, but I find the details puzzling.

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  8. PillsburyFlowboy says:

    Is there any way the injury info could also include how long they’ve been on the DL so we have an idea of when guys will be coming back?

    Great stuff all around!

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