Dodgers Acquire George Sherrill

Ned Colletti couldn’t come up with Cliff Lee so instead, today he adds a different southpaw pitcher in the form of George Sherrill; in the process giving up prospects in the form of third baseman Joshua Bell and right-handed pitcher Steve Johnson.

For now, Sherrill becomes the third lefty in the Dodgers pen – joining Hong-Chih Kuo and Brent Leach – but you would have to expect Sherrill to step into a role similar to Kuo’s of last season. The trade ends Sherrill’s year and two-thirds run as the Orioles closer. Sherrill posted impressive numbers this season, but he’s absolutely death to left-handed batters. In 50 plate appearances this year lefties have an OPS against of .356; in 72 plate appearances last year an OPS of .535; and in 106 plate appearances in 2006 an OPS of .529. Sherrill throws a fastball in the high-80s/low-90s along with a slider that sits in the mid-70s and generates a fair amount of whiffs.

In Bell, the Orioles receive a 22-year-old switch-hitting third baseman with impressive power potential. His ISO in Double-A this season is .203, but there are some questions as to whether he’s going to stick at third for the long haul or move to a corner – either first or left/right field. Bell has had issues with strikeouts in the past which reached their apex in 2008. His walk rate has grown impressive and his strikeout numbers are down for this year, so he’s definitely an interesting player to watch for in the next few years.

Johnson is a right-handed starter with impressive numbers who has split the year between High and Double A. His numbers are pretty impressive, striking out 117 in about 107 innings so far, but his stuff rates just above average. His control and command seem to be pretty good and whatever he’s doing, whether deception or otherwise, has worked to date.

The two seem like a nice coup by the Orioles in exchange for a two years and a third of Sherrill as they continue to build with impressive young talent.

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  1. Brendan Scolari says:

    Sherrill is actually under team control through 2011, so it’s 2.33 years of him.

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  2. Dan says:

    Thinking of a matchup with the Phillies. Good move by them.

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  3. PhillyPhantastico says:

    Yep, good move just to to face Utley-Howard-Ibanez.

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  4. Dan says:

    Just checked out his splits. He really is murder on lefties. Wow!

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  5. Joe R says:

    Decent trade both ways. Sherrill going forward’s a LOOGY at worst, closer / bullpen ace at best. .356 OPS against in 50 PA’s vs. lefties, ouch.

    Another blow to the Dodger future, though, Bell was their 8th best prospect according to Baseball America. Dodgers better win in 2009 or else heads will be rolling in 2011 in my opinion.

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  6. Greg says:

    Just some add’l info, Johnson is the son of former O’s pitcher/current broadcaster Davey Johnson. He was very emotional on the radio today, so that’s great news for that family. Orioles make another great trade for a guy who couldn’t keep runners off the bags last year. This trade makes the Erik Bedard trade even more ridiculous looking.

    Baltimore loved George Sherrill aka Flat Breezy aka Brim Reaper… I really do hope he helps the Dodgers to a title, if only for his sake. Best of luck George!

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  7. ThinkBlue says:

    Once again Colletti overpays at the deadline.

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  8. Whateverfor says:

    Sherrill “murdering” lefties is actually an understatement. 132 PAs against them the last two years, 18 hits allowed, 49! strikeouts. That’s a whopping 37% strikeout rate. That’s 1999 Pedro Martinez levels of strikeouts per batter faced, and higher than, say, 2004 K-rod.

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  9. Tim S. says:

    Sherrill’s under team control through 2011, true, but he’s not going to be cheap in arbitration…in fact, with 31 saves last year and a great season so far this year, he’ll probably be wildly overpaid next year (unless the arbitration process improves dramatically).

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    • Human Toilet says:

      Indeed. He was looking overpaid earlier in the season before tweaking his delivery and becoming lights out. If he stays this hot he’s worth the money… however… if he continues his trend of cold-hot-cold-hot seasons each year then … well…

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  10. BrettJMiller says:

    I still miss GS52 :(

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  11. dannyboy says:


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  12. Will says:

    Does Colletti ever make a good move? Besides LaRoche for Manny and allowing Wolf and Hudson to fall to him this offseason (thanks Omar Minaya), he’s made a laundry list of awful signings (including the Manny extension where he bid against himself) and has gladly given up promising young players for mediocre veterans. He’s about the luckiest executive in baseball, for if his team played in a legitimate division, he would’ve lost his job a while ago.

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    • Matthew says:

      the dodgers dont play in a legitimate division??????? you you an idiot???? the giant and rockies are the top wild card contenders smartass. i cant believe you would even comment something so dumb

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      • Will says:

        Padres, Diamondbacks and those lucky Giants with a sub-500 third-order record, but are nine games over .500. The division was weak last year too.

        Also, would you care to battle me on Colletti’s GM record? Because I don’t think you have enough to refute me on that one.

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      • DavidCEisen says:

        The NL is a joke, though. Other than the Dodgers and Phillies, there are no really good teams this year.

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    • fan says:

      who are your top 5 GMs?

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      • Will says:

        Upper Eschelon: Friedman, Epstein, Shapiro, MacPhail/Flanagan

        Too early to evaluate, but really good so far: Jack Z, Neal Huntington

        Bottom Rung: Colletti, Sabean, Minaya, Dayton Moore

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  13. Matthew says:

    how can you say the NL west is the worst… they have 3 of the best 6 teams in the NL in its division.

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  14. CupOJohn says:

    Leach was just sent down today, although Elbert was brought up.

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