Drew Stubbs

With a promotion to the major leagues today, Drew Stubbs is in an enviable win/win position.

If he performs well, he almost certainly sees his gig evolve into a full time one. On the other hand, if he bombs, he still possess more upside than the terrible Willy Taveras of which he replaces.

The 24-year-old from the University of Texas was ranked as the Reds third best prospect by Baseball America prior to the season. In Triple-A this year he hit .268/.353/.360, the lowest slugging percentage of his minors career. The scouting reports on Stubbs are pretty upfront. He needs to cut down on his strikeouts, even if it means taking away some power which should reemerge later, and use his speed to his advantage more often.

Stubbs has seemingly improved on the strikeouts facet. This is the same player who struck our nearly a third of the time in rookie ball fresh out of college, now he’s striking out a quarter of the time in Triple-A. Obviously that’s still quite a bit, but assuming his power comes back more so than it has during this season, he should be fine. The good news is that Stubbs is more than willing to draw a walk as well. In fact, Stubbs has 51 walks this season; Taveras has 54 over the past two seasons.

Defensively Stubbs has spent most of his time in center and figures to man the eight-hole for Cincy as well. Stubbs’ arm and range are above average, so he’s more than just a bat.

Taveras is one of the worst players in baseball this year, so Stubbs should be an upgrade even if he chooses to bat left-handed and stand backwards in center, but the real test will be upon Taveras’ return from the disabled list. Hopefully for Reds fans, Stubbs forces his way into sticking.

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  1. Jordan says:

    I’m generally a huge fan of the site, and I don’t want to come off as too harsh, RJ, but I’ve been having some issues with your pieces. I’d strongly suggest that you find some way to have your posts edited for grammar – this piece is rife with errors, the most egregious of which is probably: he still possess more upside than the terrible Willy Taveras OF WHICH he replaces.

    But in this piece, as in various others, the content is fairly weak as well. My two main gripes here are: first, every scouting report I’ve read on Stubbs, and every Reds fan I’ve heard from about him, says that Stubbs is a defense-first CFer. Yet you focus almost entirely on his offense, and the one time you mention defense, you say that he’s ‘more than just a bat’. And second, I don’t know that I envy anyone playing for Dusty Baker. I can point you towards innumerable (well, maybe only two or three) Reds fans who will rant your ears off about Dusty’s failure to give young players PT and his unabashed love for crappy crappy veterans. Willy Taveras, actually, is a prime example of this – that he’s gotten as much playing time as he has speaks volumes about Dusty’s managerial ‘skills’. So even if Stubbs plays well (which,for him, would look something like .260/.340/.410 with plus D in center), I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Dusty went with Willy anyway.

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    • Kris says:

      There should be some quality control, yup. Without it, we end up with people committing brutalstrophic omissions of quotations marks while quoting articles.

      My point here, of course, is that grammar mistakes happen. Realistically, the majority of people will not care if say, ‘when quoting’ or ‘while quoting’. Obviously, the next step for any website that’s fundamentally based on user comments is quality control, but that costs cash-money.

      There should be an avenue to recommend grammar/spellering advice without taking away from the actual baseball portion of the article.

      Yah, yah?

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    • Brent says:

      I have no problems with this article, readibility wise. Then again, I have no idea what “rife” or “egregious” mean.

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    • Ken says:

      I can point you towards innumerable (well, maybe only two or three) Reds fans who will rant your ears off about Dusty’s failure to give young players PT and his unabashed love for crappy crappy veterans.

      Dusty’s loyal to his starters as opposed to veterans. He stuck with Bruce until he was hurt, despite some pretty nasty slumps. Baker also inserted Votto into the starting lineup very early last year, despite the scrappy incumbent veteran (Hatteberg).

      Maybe those sound like obvious moves, but they are not the moves of a manager blindly devoted to veteran experience.

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    • D Wrek says:

      LOL, its a free web log, get a life.

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  2. Your Mother says:

    Stubbs with a .260/.340/.410 + defense sounds like heaven to me.

    Taveras is a .238/.273/.284 this year and gets turned around in CF all the time, and has a weak arm. I think he’s only walked twice (might be thrice now) since the All-Star break and played nearly every day, He’s only walked 18 times all year, playing full time… leading off!

    Grumble Grumble ;)

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    • Kris says:

      He’s no Christian Guzman, that’s for sure!

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    • Jordan says:

      If you feel I’m being nitpicky in terms of grammar, I apologize. I intended that comment to come off as constructive, though. And in terms of the content, this is an article about Drew Stubbs that almost neglects to mention his defense, which has always been his most highly regarded asset. And its main point is that Stubbs is in a win/win position, which seems contentious given that Dusty Baker is his manager. Baker, as any Reds fan who’s been paying attention will tell you, tends to play veterans over youngsters. So while the coming roster expansion will likely allow Stubbs to stay in the majors for the remainder of the year, there are no guarantees that he’ll get playing time, even if he plays well.

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      • Jason T says:

        I think that if you have an issue with any of the authors’ grammar, perhaps an email is best used as opposed to posting a comment in the article thread. IMHO, of course. You are fighting the good fight.

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      • Kris says:

        Naw, I completely agree with you. However, even the simplest article probably takes an hour to write and fact-check. Once you start getting into the editing process, you’ve magically turned a one hour article into a two hour article.

        I think a simple pop-up form to email the author any grammar oopsies would go a long way. It would save many threads from losing focus.

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      • CH says:

        With all due respect to your points about content, which seem to be reasonably stated, there’s no reason to criticize someone’s grammar on a website dedicated to baseball statistics.

        When you criticize grammar, I picture you as one of two possible sterotypes

        1.) Thick black glasses and a pocket protector, playing World Of Warcraft in your mother’s basement, with all the Star Wars action figures on a shelf behind you, STILL IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING, of course.

        2.) 60+ year old man, spending his last remaining years polishing his guns and complaining that “in my day, kids respected their elders!” or “cashiers don’t know how to make change at the supermarket without the register doing the math for them!”

        If the front page of your newspaper is full of grammatical errors, then criticism is warranted. I’m not sure internet baseball sites are the place for the grammar police.

        It makes you sound like an asshole, and you don’t appear to be an asshole.

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  3. Dusty Baker says:

    But Willy Taveras can steal bases and bunt; he is an amazing leadoff hitter! Why would we want to replace him?

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  4. Alex says:

    Stubbs has a lot to prove in terms of power. He hasn’t flashed it with the wood at all. In my humble opinion, Stubbs is going to be fairly mediocre in the batters box, what will determine his value as a big leauger is just how much he can do with his legs and glove, which could be a lot, but also will HAVE to be a lot.

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  5. fetch says:

    I’ve read reports that his defense isn’t as good as advertised. It will be interesting to see how true that is.

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    • nycreds says:

      He was just voted best OF defense and best OF arm in the IL by the managers. Plus the (rudimentary) defensive metrics have him saving something like 20 runs in CF this year. I’d say his defense is just fine.

      And regarding Willy T, to quote someone on a Reds blog last night talking about Stubbs during his debut, “I’ve never wanted a Reds player to succeed more”

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  6. JasonL says:

    Look, I just hope that Stubbs uses his speed. I don’t want him clogging the bases in front of Votto.

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  7. Joe R says:

    Wonder who threatened Dusty’s job enough to convince him to bench Taveras?

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  8. Brandon Inge says:

    I’m cool with criticizing grammar and such, especially if it is a criticism of the author (who is supposedly a professional). However, I would also like to point out that I’ve been editing every comment posted (even Jordan’s), and they don’t meet my individual standards. Hell, this comment doesn’t even meet my standards.

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  9. Phillies Fan says:

    I’d love to believe but a 25% strikeout rate and a sub .100 isolated power isn’t a great combination.

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  10. Kris says:

    Today’s game was a great example. Three Strike Outs and an Extra Innings, Game-Winning, DINGER! DINGERZ!

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  11. Cincy says:

    Drew Stubbs how about that !?

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  12. StedeHotVom says:

    Can you riposte this question?
    This point future

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