Eno Sarris Baseball Chat — 2/14/2013

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Graphs: Baseball, Roto, Beer, brats (OK, no graphs for that...yet), repeat. Follow him on Twitter @enosarris.

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  1. Klements Sausage says:

    People in Europe don’t realize they’re wearing Yankees caps. They just see the ‘NY’ and think they’re showing how cool they are.

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  2. ealtman says:

    Hey Eno- Sorry I missed the chat…

    uggla or Utley?

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  3. Jay says:

    In a 14 team h2h points keeper league: Morrow or Harvey?

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  4. jonkk says:

    If, as a question said, Longooria “gets a bad wrap on injures,” then they should quickly change the training staff.

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