Erik Bedard’s Torn Labrum

Bill Bavasi, the gift that keeps on giving. I will spare you the second line to that reference.

Today, it shines through truer than yesterday as the exploratory surgery on Erik Bedard‘s shoulder by Dr. Lewis Yocum revealed an inflamed bursa sac, which was no surprise given the symptoms, and a torn labrum, which was no surprise but still a colossal disappointment.

Bedard now has to wait four to six months before resuming any baseball-related activities. Shoulder issues are a steep hill to overcome and Bedard will have to start from scratch around February assuming no further set backs. The amount of time to rehab and build up strength again means mid to late 2010 is likely Bedard’s best case return date. We have a winner already for 2010’s version of Ben Sheets.

30 starts, 164 innings pitched. That is what the Mariners got out of Erik Bedard over his final two years of club control. That is what the Mariners got out of Erik Bedard because Bill Bavasi traded Adam Jones, Chris Tillman, Tony Butler, George Sherrill and Kameron Mickolio. It would be easy for Mariner fans and reporters to blame Erik Bedard. I, for one, cannot see how this is any bit his fault. By all accounts, he tried his hardest to compete for the team but his body failed him. And then he kept on trying, pitching through what was diagnosed as a shoulder cyst last year and a torn labum this year.

Perhaps amazingly, given the degree to which we know now he was operating, Bedard still managed to post extremely good numbers when he was on the mound with the Mariners. The talent and stuff is undeniable, but for teams that were already going to be gunshy about giving the notorious fragile Bedard a contract this winter, a torn labrum might send them to Mark Prior before they give any more attention Erik’s way.

A sad day.

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Matthew Carruth is a software engineer who has been fascinated with baseball statistics since age five. When not dissecting baseball, he is watching hockey or playing soccer.

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  1. 300ZXNA says:

    While I agree for the most apart about Bedard not being at fault, I do, however, have to take issue with the fact that he hid his injury not only this year, but last as well. Had he been more forthright about his injury, perhaps his injuries wouldn’t have become so severe. Anyway, as a Mariner fan recovering from Bavasi induced Tourette’s, things like this still give me a blood pressure spike despite the fact that I know the M’s are in good hands and moving the right direction.

    On the continuum of horrible trades, where does this one rank? To me this is basically the baseball equivalent of the Hershel Walker trade.

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    • DavidCEisen says:

      It’s not nearly as bad as the Hershel Walker Trade. Possibly not even as bad as the Bartolo Colon trade.

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      • Andrew says:

        It’s actually worse than the Colon deal.

        For one – acquiring FIVE players up front for a notoriously cantankerous pitcher with only two legitimate big leagues seasons is quite a haul.

        Then you need to consider the deal netted the Orioles an All-Star CF, an All-Star closer (who then was traded for the theoretical 3B of the future and a solid if unspectacular pitching prospect), a young fireballer that is considered one of the top 10 pitching prospects in baseball, a solid middle relief prospect and Tony Butler, who I believe is going to be organizational filler.

        Cliff Lee didn’t get dominate until three years ago and Phillips didn’t get good until he left the Indians.

        If the O’s are contenders in the next three years, this will be the trade that got them there.

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      • DavidCEisen says:

        The Expos gave up a Cy Young winning pitcher, an MVP caliber CF, and an all star 2nd baseman. The Indians may have given up on Phillips, but that doesn’t make the trade any better from Expos point of view.

        If you want to include later trades of players, the Indians turned Lee into: Carrasco, Knapp, Marson, and Donald. So basically the Indians got: Sizemore, 5.5 years of Lee (he was worth 4 WAR in ’05 and 2.4 WAR in ’06, so ’08 & ’09 were not his only good years), Carrasco, Knapp, Marson, and Donald. And they only gave up Colon for half a season.

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    • joser says:

      Bedard concealed injuries? Not for long. Certainly not for half a year of terrible, team-harming production like Raul Ibanez in the first half of ’07.

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      • diderot says:

        Amen to this.
        300, how exactly do you know that Bedard hid injuries?
        It is beyond tedious to hear frustrated people blame Bedard for the trade. The guy did not trade himself. And if he had, he knows too much baseball to have demanded that much from the Mariners.

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  2. Nick says:

    Bedard walked up and announced that he would be answering four questions. When one of the reporters asked, “Why only four?” Bedard responded, “That’s one.”

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  3. DodgeTown2 says:


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  4. Mike B. says:

    I don’t see Bedard pitching again for the M’s. He’ll go elsewhere this off-season.

    What I do see is Bedard transitioning to the bullpen, possibly becoming a pretty decent closer.

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  5. Jakemake says:

    Well more bad news for the M’s. Aumont has a degenerative hip condition, that ends his chances at ever being a starter again. That was the reason why he moved to the pen in the first place.

    Thats the link to it.

    I still think the Colon trade is worse in just terms of talent. Sizemore is better than Jones. Philiphs is better than or atleast equal to Tillman. And Lee is better than Sherril and whatever the rest they got at this point.

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    • Marlowe says:

      That’s really strange timing, because just before Bavasi finally shipped away Adam Jones and the rest of the farm for Bedard, there was a rumor that the trade wouldn’t happen because Jones had a degenerative hip condition.

      As an Ms fan I found myself wishing the trade really wouldn’t happen (which it did) and then Jones somehow not having a hip condition (which he didn’t).

      So now Jones and company play for the Orioles, our young starting pitcher (who isn’t that guy for the Giants) has health problems of his own, and Aumont is broken. Ouch.

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  6. The Fonz says:

    Tell you what, Matt, don’t be giving out a Ben Sheets Award before Ben Sheets has had a chance to win it. Never a safe bet.

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  7. Bill Bavasi says:

    Matthew, you’re a fucking choir boy compared to me!! A CHOIR BOY!!!!

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  8. Maybe the O’s should rub salt in the wounds and sign Bedard…

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  9. Nate says:

    This is no way to evaluate a trade.

    Yes, it was a horrible trade. But it would have been a horrible trade even if Bedard won 60 games and won two Cy Youngs, because at the time of the trade, there was no rational reason to believe that Bedard would be worth the talent that Bavasi gave up. Bavasi severely undervalued the talent he gave up, overvalued the effect of pitching on run prevention, and severely underestimated Bedard’s injury risk.

    The reason the trade sucked isn’t because of what the M’s got out of Bedard, but because of what the M’s should have expected to get out of Bedard at the time, compared to what they should have expected to get out of Jones, Sherrill, and Tillman. Results-based trade analysis is the baseball equivalency of Monday-morning quarterbacking. And I think we should keep anything and everything football OUT of baseball.

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  10. Jeff K says:

    Adam Jones is not yet All-star caliber center fielder despite being selected to the All-star team. In a weird way, this trade has a good chance of working out better in the longer term for the M’s because it contributed significantly to the firing of Bavasi and the signing of Jack Z. Jack Z is much more value than Jones/Tillman will ever be. Also, it created a need for a long-term CF option, which was filled with Guti who has been twice as valuable as Jones this year, and still has upside. It looks like Guti + Saunders/Ackley will be more valuable for the next 3 years than Jones + anyone else (Although it would have been awesome to have both Guti and Jones, and stick Jones in left , but that’s pretty unlikely) My point is that this was a horrible trade for the M’s, but I don’t think anyone can conclude that the move did any significant long-term damage to the M’s.

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  11. Cody says:

    Here’s what I believe the Indians nettled in the Colon trade
    Grady Sizemore
    Cliff Lee
    Brandon Phillips
    Lee Stevens
    —-Then The Brandon Phillips Trade—-
    Jeff Stevens
    —-Then The Cliff Lee Trade—-
    Carlos Carrasco
    Jason Donald
    Lou Marson
    Jason Knapp
    —They then Traded Jeff Steven with 2 lesser Prospects for Mark Derosa—
    Chris Perez
    Jess Todd

    So for half a season of Barolo Colon the Indians made out big. The only mistake was trading Phillips too soon but they at least turned Jeff Steven into other major league prospects. This trade will continue to haunt the nationals if the Indians trade sizemore into even more prospects that turn into legitimate stars.

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    • Cody says:

      Now i forgot my my point the M’s will likely suffer the same fate of disgust in the years to come if players like Jones and Tillman become high valued allstars.

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    • andrew says:

      The Indians certainly did well with the Colon deal. But the Bedard trade was far, far worse than the Expos deal.

      There’s a lot to it, but the Indians got taken in the Lee deal. Not only did they not get any of the top 4 pitching prospects in the Phillies’ system, the best prospect of the four seems to be Carrasco, who FanGraphs calls “low-risk/low-upside”.

      The Orioles stole the M’s best all-around prospect (Jones) a top-3 pitching prospect that was 19(!!!) at the time of the deal, a LOOGY that was turned into an All-Star closer on a bad team that was then flipped for the Dodger’s best corner infield/power prospect and an interesting young pitcher, a set-up/closer prospect in Mickolio that has two plus pitches and Tony Butler, who despite being an O’s fan, I know nothing about.

      More importantly, Sizemore is falling apart for the Indians with his UZR/WAR numbers slip slip sliding down the mountain the past two years. Phillips was dumped for nothing and has turned into a pretty good player.

      The Indians were competitive for three years after this deal, but remember, they’ve waived the white flag on that nucleus. Sabathia, Lee, and Martinez are all gone, and I don’t see how they have the pitching to replace the two at the top.

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      • Cody says:

        andrew-Yeah Carrasco doesn’t look like a future ace.
        Jason Donald is old for a prospect(25) who’s only decent skill is contact.
        Lou Marson might be a good defender but he’s an “ok” hitter
        Jason Knapp is the only potential super star and he’s on A ball not much he can do for them at the present.

        I’ve looked at Cleveland trade and they could held out for more but they seemed to be a little anxious. Teams like the angels or redsox could have drove up his price if they would’ve shown just a little more interest.

        Cleveland’s direction is going nowhere they are starting guys with 5.00ERAs all over the place. If i was the gm I would’ve called Tampa and see if they wanted for Martinez and Lee and try to get one of their many pitching prospects (ie. Jacob McGee, Wade Davis, Jeremy Hellickson, Matt Moore, Mitch Talbot,Heath Rollins,Nick Barnese,Eduardo Morlan) all these guys could be a major league pitcher. McGee and Davis and Hellickson would each be more on the line of bucholz where you’re not getting much more if you get one of them but all the other guys could be a #2 or #3/4 starter or future bullpen help. Sorry I’m getting off point cleveland has become the essentially what the pirate are.

        Erik Bedard basically gave the M’s one year of service but it took two years worth of prospect to get him.

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      • Alex says:

        What I’ve heard is that the Lee trade was very financially motivated – given the money the Indians lost this year (16 mil or something), Shapiro may have just been told he had to cut contract money wherever he could. Certainly I think he was aware of Lee’s value and wouldn’t have preferred the firesale if it wasn’t financially necessary (remember, many projections had the Indians winning the division this year).

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  12. AT says:

    Not to rub salt in the wound but I saw Kam Mickolio live the other night. 6’9″ righty who hit 94. Struck out the side on about 12 pitches. He is in AAA and about 22 years old or so.

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  13. Brooksy Boy says:

    Mickolio got a late start in baseball but I think he’ll be quite a good reliever. His power sinker is a sexy pitch.

    It’s also kool that he spells his name with a K.

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  14. BedlinerBob says:

    Howdy, hows everyone at this amazing fine online community doing currently? Grateful I can be a element of the community forum and I look forwards to several superb experiences here!

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