Fan Projection Targets – 12/07/09

Today, we cast our gaze at three young outfielders who each made their debut last year: Julio Borbon, Michael Brantley, and Drew Stubbs. Vote early and often!

As for last Friday’s targets (total ballots in parentheses), we have Aaron Harang (172) pitching about 20 more innings in 2010 and netting about another half a win in value; Scott Feldman (154) conceding more than 50 points of opponent batting average over last year’s total and losing a win over replacement in the process; and John Lannan (159) using smoke, mirrors, and an 88 mph fastball to post a 2.3 WAR.

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Mike Green
Mike Green

I am guessing that the projections for these guys have a greater spread than the previous projections. My playing time projections differed greatly from the fan averages in two of the cases-for instance, I am guessing that Brantley (who turns 23 in May) will get a year in triple A with the Indians not likely to be competing in 2010.