Fan Projection Targets 12/11/09

Today and for the rest of the weekend, we would like to take a look at some NL rookies who performed quite well and yet received little to no consideration for the rookie of the year: Seth Smith, Randy Wells, and Garrett Jones

Smith, from Colorado, was the best pinch-hitter in the league, with a PH OPS over 1.400, and put up monster numbers overall, as he was worth 2.7 wins in less than 400 PAs.

Wells, from Chicago, got a lot of play from Rob Neyer, who was the only BBWAA member to vote for him. Wells pitched extremely well, and was worth 3.0 wins in 165 IP, thanks to a 3.88 FIP

Jones, from Pittsburgh, much like Smith, showed good power in his first time up. He hit 21 HRs and was worth 2.6 wins in only 358 PAs.

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