Fan Projection Targets – 12/30/09

With the excellent feedback we’ve had to the Fan Projections, it’s becoming more difficult to find players with too few votes. It’s for that reason that a couple of today’s targets are over the 30-ballot threshold. Still, none of these guys is close to the century mark, either.

Said targets are Kelly Johnson, Martin Prado, and Ryan Roberts.

Johnson has just inked a deal with Arizona for one year at $2MM.

Prado is the man who stole the starting second base job from Johnson last year in Atlanta.

Roberts took over starting duties in Arizona last year after Felipe Lopez left town, posting a 108 wRC+ in 351 PAs.

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6 Responses to “Fan Projection Targets – 12/30/09”

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  1. Derek says:

    Keeping to a DBacks theme, it might be worth noting that Dan Haren and Brandon Webb still have not met the thirty ballot threshold.

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    • Carson Cistulli says:

      Egads! Well, if someone doesn’t pick them up by next week at this time, then I will, for sure.

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  2. Jason461 says:

    Pitchers do seem to be underrepresented. A lot of middle-tier players in general are also still out there.

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  3. Joe says:

    As a standard for ‘WAR’ what would be considered a *great* season? Above 6? 7? Because when I look at potential Hall of Famers than I obviously want to see how many great seasons they had. For example: Alan Trammell. Is their a minimum that I should use?

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  4. the breeze says:

    Jorge Cantu and Ian Stewart are two names below the 30 threshold that I would like to see.

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  5. the breeze says:

    add Mat Latos and Bud Norris to that as well.

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