Fan Projection Targets: 12/3/2009

Today’s targets are: Gregg Zaun, Rich Harden, Dan Uggla.

Zaun is a popular target among teams who are looking for a veteran catcher and has said he will sign this week. What will he do at age 39?

Harden is being pursued by several teams lured by his upside, but his durability is always a question. How many innings do you think he’ll throw?

Uggla is the most likely player to be traded at the winter meetings next week. Do you see him as a 2B or a 3B next year? How will he hit?

Yesterday, you guys projected Kelly Shoppach at +2.5 wins, Josh Johnson at +5.3 wins, and Jake Peavy at +3.8 wins. It looks like you guys are expecting good things from all three.

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  1. philosofool says:

    I’ve been waiting to hear about Harden’s signing before projecting him. As a pretty extreme FB pitcher, I want to know about his park before I prognosticate his HR/9. Since I absolutely love hard-throwing power pitchers that strike out a batter an inning, I’m not likely to forget to update this projection when the Mariners sign him. (Please, please, please, Jack, sign him to a one year contract.)

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  2. Dingo says:

    Gregg Zaun and Rich Harden, eh? I seem to recall reading about both of these guys in a recent blog post at, written by…

    hey, wait a minute!

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  3. Falco says:

    When will you do a projection for Kenny Powers.

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  4. Luke Appling says:

    There are errors linking to the fan projection forum, sorry for the news.

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  5. Michael says:

    Three days, three Marlins (or one soon-to-be ex-Marlin, I suppose). I like it Dave(s)!

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  6. Mike Green says:

    In the projection, fans are asked to project games played and batting order slot but not PAs. For an everyday player like Uggla or Jay Bruce, it’s a pretty straight-forward translation, but for someone like Zaun (because of age, position and lack of speed), it is not so clear. He is much more likely to be brought into a game or taken out in the middle innings.

    The result is that the fans have projected significantly fewer games for Zaun than James did, but significantly more PAs.

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