Fan Projection Targets: 12/8/2009

Your three targets for the day are guys who were in the news yesterday: Rafael Soriano, Brad Penny, and Adam Everett.

Soriano accepted arbitration, as his Type A status made teams reluctant to give up a draft pick to sign him. Do you think he will play well enough to justify a team losing a high draft pick?

Penny is moving on to St. Louis, where he’ll join the Cardinals rotation on a one year deal. How well do you think he’ll do given a full year back in the NL?

Everett re-signed with the Tigers to maintain his shortstop job in Detroit. Will he continue to play enough defense to justify keeping his bat in the line-up?

Fill out the projections and let us know what you think.

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2 Responses to “Fan Projection Targets: 12/8/2009”

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  1. Bronnt says:

    I’m curious-where does stuff like Fan projected BABIP come from? It shows up with projections on the player pages, but it’s no part of the data input that I can see.

    Just wondering.

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    • Toffer Peak says:

      If you know the ABs, AVG, HRs and Ks (which are inputted by the fans (ABs is extrapolated from games played & batting order)) then you implicitly know their BABIP.

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