Fan Projection Targets: 1/29/2010

Here’s another three players who’ve moved around in the last few days. Today, we’d like you to project Jim Edmonds, Rich Hill, and Randy Winn

Edmonds was signed by the Brewers to a minor league contract with an invite to spring training. He is coming out of retirement after a 0.9 WAR season split between the Padres and the Cubs. Will his age affect him? Can he still hit? And perhaps more importantly, can he still play defense?

We went over Rich Hill’s issues in a post yesterday. The question is simple: Can he find the strike zone?

Randy Winn’s move to New York basically means Johnny Damon’s Yankee career is over. How will Winn fare in his place?

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4 Responses to “Fan Projection Targets: 1/29/2010”

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  1. Joe R says:

    Edmonds is buying the BBWAA 2 extra years to learn about baseball and put him in the Hall where he’ll belong.

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    • NEPP says:

      Do they do elections into the Hall of Very Good now?

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      • Joe R says:

        Except Edmonds was better than very good. Same career OPS+ as Adam Dunn and Tony Gwynn, and oh yeah, he was pretty good defensively in case you forgot.

        Oh yeah, forgot to talk about the .298/.410/.593 line he busted out from 2000-2004.

        For more fun, let’s look at some modern players and their WAR on Sean Smith’s database:

        Jeter: 68.7
        Gwynn: 68.5
        E. Martinez: 67.2
        Thome: 66.9
        Edmonds: 66.6
        Lofton: 65.1
        McGwire: 63.1

        How dare Edmonds be…slightly worse than Derek Jeter.

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  2. Jason T says:

    Kenny Lofton for HoF!!

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