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Fan Projection Targets, 1/7/2010

Today’s projection targets include a slick-fielding outfielder with a problematic bat, a legendary master of the strike zone, and a Cubs pitcher.

Austin Kearns was signed to a minor-league deal by Cleveland earlier this week. Although his bat has been less than stellar the last few seasons, his skills in the field are what keep teams interested. What will his role be in Cleveland, and how will he perform?

Perhaps tired haggling with Yorvit Torrealbea, the Rockies went out and signed hacktastic purveyor of passed balls Miguel Olivo to back up Chris Ianetta in Colorado. How much will Olivo play, and was the power he flashed in 2009 sustainable (particularly in his new run environment) given his plate “discipline?”

Last off-season, Ryan Dempster received a 4 year, $52 million dollar contract, and promptly went out in 2009 and proved to be worth it. Surprisingly, as I’m typing this, he hasn’t reached the projection threshold. Will his success in 2009 continue in 2010?

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