Fan Projection Targets 1/8/10: Top FAs

Today, we take a look at three of the top free agents left on the market now that the Jason Bay and Matt Holliday sweepstakes are over. These three are Felipe Lopez, Ben Sheets, and Johnny Damon.

Lopez is arguably the best second baseman left on the market, and is definitely the best available second baseman in terms of 2009 numbers. Lopez posted 4.6 wins in split time between Arizona and Milwaukee in last year.

Sheets missed all of 2009 with an elbow injury. In 2008, he posted 4.4 wins and has only posted less than 3 wins once in his career.

Damon had a memorable postseason with the Yankees, but barring the unexpected, he will have to find a new home. He’s been relatively consistent, with all of his last 4 seasons falling within the 2.3-3.6 WAR range.

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I will gladly just type the names into the player finder, but I figured I’d mention that for the lazy ones out there, a link for each of the players would be swell.

No really, I promise I’m not lazy.