Fan Projection Targets 2/05/10

There’s been a bit of movement on the free agent market this last week, so let’s project the movers: Ryan Garko, Orlando Hudson, Adam Kennedy.

Garko is moving to Seattle and will provide a right-handed bat opposite Casey Kotchman as well as some power off the bench. The big issue for Seattle has been that his signing may necessitate an 11-man pitching staff, almost unheard of in today’s game.

Hudson addresses one of Minnesota’s major issues as he fills a hole at 2B. This likely means that Nick Punto will start the season at 3B (where he is a much better defender by UZR) and Brendan Harris will move to the bench. Are they the team to beat now?

Kennedy moves to Washington, taking over a second base spot that has been in limbo this offseason. It had been speculated that Ian Desmond could start at SS, moving Cristian Guzman to 2B. That scenario seems less likely now – will Kennedy have a starting role after a good 2009?

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