Fan Projection Targets, Christmas Eve ’09

Or is it Christmas Eve Day? Why does being a blogger gotta be so hard?

Whatever holiday you choose to celebrate (or not) this December, won’t you spread a bit of cheer by clicking here to enter your projections for Fernando Rodney, Troy Glaus, and John Buck?

Rodney was signed by the Angels in order to shore up their bullpen in the wake of Brian Fuentes‘ less-than-faith-inspiring 2009. How will Rodney perform, and in what role?

After losing almost all of his 2009 season to injury, Troy Glaus was signed by Atlanta, where he will reportedly play first base instead of third. Will his skills translate to plus defense at first, or will he struggle? Will Glaus still be able to hit with power after dealing with shoulder problems?

Seemingly moments after being non-tendered by the Royals in favor of the undead Jason Kendall, John Buck was signed by the Blue Jays to a one-year, two million dollar contract. He seems to be in line for the majority of the starts at catcher. Was the power he showed in 2007 and 2009 for real? Is my liking for Buck based in some latent ability of his, or is it completely irrational?

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