FAN Projection Targets: Five Rookie-Eligible Pitchers

Last week, FanGraphs CEO and founder David Appelman announced that the ballots for the 2014 FAN Projections are now available for the tender ministrations of this site’s readership. With a view to ensuring that all notable players are addressed sufficiently — and also to producing content while managing editor Dave Cameron is away this week on a pleasure vacation — the present author is highlighting certain players who are lacking in ballots.

Before casting a ballot, don’t forget this note from Appelman’s announcement post:

Please note that everything this year is a rate stat. You’re projecting 2B+3B, HR, SB, and Fielding as a measure of 150 games (basically a full season). The player’s previous stats are shown per 150 games in the projection ballot too. This will make changing playing time projections much easier as you’ll only have to change the games played portion.

Now, here are five players for the reader’s consideration — all of whom are both rookie-eligible pitchers and also candidates to make some manner of contribution in the majors leagues this year:

Player: Archie Bradley, 21, RHP
2013 Line: 123.1 IP, 8.68 K/9, 4.31 BB/9, 0.36 HR/9, 3.33 FIP at Double-A
Notes: Taken seventh overall by Arizona in 2011 draft. Throws plus fastball and plus curve, according to polite and Canadian and polite Marc Hulet. Not impossible that he would make rotation out of spring training, but not necessarily likely.

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Player: Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez, 27, RHP
2011 Line: 106.0 IP, 5.20 K/9, 3.50 BB/9, 1.40 HR/9, 6.13 ERA in Cuba*
Notes: Defected from Cuba to Mexico in early 2013. Agreed to six-year, $48 million contract with Philadelphia — which deal fell apart due to concerns about elbow. Later agreed to three-year, $12 million contract with Philadelphia. Numbers here are translations from Cuba, care of Clay Davenport. Numbers are from 2011, i.e. before Gonzalez was suspended for attempting to defect in January of 2012.

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Player: Marcus Stroman, 23, RHP
2013 Line: 111.2 IP, 10.40 K/9, 2.18 BB/9, 1.05 HR/9, 3.21 FIP at Double-A
Notes: Drafted by Toronto 22nd overall in 2012 out of Duke. Suspended for 50 games in August of 2012 after testing positive for banned stimulant. Height (he’s listed at 5-foot-9) is perpetual concern, but athleticism largely compensates for size. Candidate to join rotation out of spring training.

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Player: Masahiro Tanaka, 25, RHP
2013 Line: 209.2 IP, 6.10 K/9, 1.60 BB/9, 0.60 HR/9, 2.74 ERA in Japan*
Notes: Signed literally two days ago to giant contract with Yankees. Line here is translation from 2013’s NPB stats, care of Clay Davenport.

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Player: Yordano Ventura, 23, RHP
2013 Line: 77.0 IP, 9.47 K/9, 3.86 BB/9, 0.47 HR/9, 3.17 FIP at Triple-A
Notes: In addition to line above, also recorded 57.2 innings at Double-A and 15.1 more in majors last year. During brief MLB stint, threw hardest pitch among starting pitchers over last five seasons. Candidate to make rotation out of spring training.

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