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FanGraphs+ 2012: Available Now!

FanGraphs+ (formerly The Second Opinion) is now available for just $4.99!

Here’s what you get:

Player Profiles – Over 1100 player profiles written by the FanGraphs and RotoGraphs contributors you’re already familiar with. Available on either the player pages or in blog format.

Articles – 11 in-depth articles to help you win your league:

-Keeper League Prospect & Rookie Strategies
-How to Use PITCHf/x in Your Fantasy League
-Keepr Conundrum: Bryce Harper or Mike Trout
-Improve Your Control and Break Out
-The Difficulty in Predicting Saves
-Valuing Upside Graphically
-Ottoneu Strategies for Every Setting
-Projections and Playing Through Pain
-Mining for Under (and Over) Performers: Strikeouts
-Prospects with Pedigree: Eno’s Rookie Lineup
-The 2nd Annual Cistulli-Sarris Prospect Face-Off Challenge

Quick Opinions – Short one to two sentence profile that give you the bottom line about a player. These are also integrated into our various projection pages so you can quickly get more information about a player.

FanGraphs+ Year Round Content – FanGraphs has partnerned with ESPN Insider again this season and everything we write for ESPN will be available. (2 – 3 articles weekly)

FanGraphs+ Archives – Our previous two year’s worth of FanGraphs+ content will also be available to you.

For those of you wondering, there is no PDF (again) this year. I know we released one sometime in mid-March last year, but I just don’t feel comfortable promising a half-hearted PDF.

The idea of FanGraphs+ is to enhance your FanGraphs online experience and I think for $4.99, it’s really an amazing bargain.