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Paul Swydan is the managing editor of The Hardball Times and a writer and editor for FanGraphs. He has written for the Boston Globe, ESPN MLB Insider and ESPN the Magazine, among others. Follow him on Twitter @Swydan.

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  1. Math Nerd says:

    What did Goldstein do/say?

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    • Chris Cwik says:

      I think that question was in reference to how we feel about his prospect lists.

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      • Math Nerd says:

        Ahh… I pay the most attention to Goldstein’s and Law’s prospect list when making my own draft list, Goldstein’s in particular.

        I take all the 5 star guys on Kevin’s list with an ETA of the upcoming year and then take Law’s list and see who has the highest upside.

        Prospects are such a crapshoot, that I’m really only interested in guys who have a high upside and will play soon.

        There’s too many variable’s with guys who have high projections but are currently in A ball and won’t hit the majors for a couple of years.

        I guess I don’t know what other opinions of Goldstein are, but I’ve had some pretty good luck with his work.

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